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Call of Duty: Ghosts – 5 Extinction Tips

by William Schwartz


Finding Extinction difficult? Not reached extraction yet? Or just want some tips to improve your game? Then you’ve come to the right place. These tips for Call of Duty: Ghosts co-operative Extinction mode will hopefully help.

Tip #1: Complete the Challenges

This is imperative. If you want to survive when you get further through Extinction, you’re going to need as many skill points as possible. You get one for every Hive you destroy, and you also get one extra for every challenge you complete. This means ignoring, or not bothering about the Challenges will allow you to upgrade at half the speed.

They’re normally very easy to complete, such as ‘Only use melee attacks on Aliens until the Hive is destroyed’, and you will frustrate your teammates enormously if you cost them easy skill points.

Tip #2: Co-ordinate with teammates

This is the most important piece of advice I can possible give. You need to try and spend your skill points on something that your teammate isn’t. For instance, it’s a complete waste if all 4 players spend 4 Skill points on different ammo types. Here’s my tips on how to spread your team’s points:

  • Atleast one player, no more than 2 should spend multiple points on ammunition and spend them on that. They can provide ammo regularly and don’t need to spend cash on anything else. Preferably players with a high enough level to have unlocked Explosive or Armor Piercing rounds.
  • One player should always spend 2 to 4 points on Armor. It’s only $1000, and later in the game having full armor will keep you alive for far longer.
  • Atleast one player should spend a good few points on the Weapon Specialist’s class ability. This means they can do the bulk of the damage.
  • One player should spend a few points on an Equalizer or Strike Package. This should be whoever is the highest level, because they will have a better loadout.

Tip #3: Use your money (wisely!)

This is some advice that is not heeded nearly often enough. You can only carry $6000 cash at any given time, and you’re normally given around $800 for every hive destroyed. In addition, you get given $3000 for every Barrier hive you take down. This means you should make sure you have less than $5200 before the drill finishes, and less than $2200 before a barrier hive is destroyed. So dish out ammunition, armor or explosives for your team, or put down a turret that can be carried with you and you won’t waste your cash.

Also, I would advise against constantly buying new guns as you will not only have to restock special ammunition, but will also have less money to spend on your 4 abilities.

Tip #4: Keep your eyes open

Throughout the map, there are randomly spawning searchable objects. Some are boxes, while some are just piles of rubbish. Either way, you will never find an object that can be searched that’s empty. Inside you can find ammo, cash, attachments for guns or special items. These include the SOFLAM Airstrike or the Hypno Knife. The first gives you three mini-airstrikes that take about a second to call in, while the second is a throwing knife that will turn an alien (Note: not the Rhino) into an ally. So as you can tell, it pays to search around the map.

Tip #5: Take your time

Unless you’re strapped for time, in which case why did you start an Extinction match, then there’s no need to rush between hives. You will normally have about a minute between hives to get yourself sorted out. This means search for objects, pay for ammo or armor, reload all guns and so on. Even if you do wait too long, the wave of aliens tend to less of a problem when there’s no drill or helicopter to protect anyway. So even if you do wait too long and aliens start spawning, you haven’t disadvantaged yourself.

This is especially useful advice for the last few hives, as you don’t really want to rush from hive to hive when you have multiple Rhino’s spawning and mayhem ensues. You should also buy weapons before you start drilling, so you have time to stock up with special ammo.

Good Luck!

That concludes these 5 Extinction Tips, but stay tuned to Attack of the Fanboy for more tips and tricks on other games, such as my guide to fast levelling and squad points in Ghosts Multiplayer. If you have any questions, criticism, praise or tips of your own, be sure to leave a comment below, and good luck killing aliens.

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