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Call of Duty Mobile – How To Choose Sides In Fight For Humanity Event

Atlas Corporation or Corpis Die? You decide which faction to pick.

by Victor Vellas


Season 1 is currently on going in Call of Duty: Mobile and with it, there is a lot of content added into the game. New maps, weapons, skins, and of course, new events. Specifically, Fight for Humanity is the latest one that was introduced, making players to choose sides and fight against the other to prevail.

Doing so, will earn you some sweet rewards, like new skins for your operator and weapon, alongside other goodies too.

How to choose sides.

In Fight for Humanity, two factions are available: Atlas Corporation and Corpis Die. Each of them have its perks, but what they do have in common is 15 territories between them that need a trusty leader. For 24 hours, one territory at a time will be available to conquer and each faction will give it their all to do so.

In order to choose any of the two battle-hungry teams, you need to go to the Events Tab, click the ‘Fight for Humanity’ banner, and you will be asked to choose which one to join. While they do share the grand reward, a unique buggy skin, their individual loots are different, mostly to their themed skins. Atlas in particular has a white camo skin for your Cordite, while Corpis falls into the ‘darker’ side with a pitch black camo and the logo of the Hard Tech series. Simply pick the one you fancy the most, and from there your journey to Fight for Humanity will begin.

How to capture territories.

As mentioned above, every faction will have 24 hours to conquer a certain territory. This can be done by completing tasks that award personal and faction points, and can be found through the event’s tab. Whenever your team manages to own a territory by the end of the day, you will get a bonus towards your personal points, thus enabling you to unlock higher tier rewards.

Those tasks vary a lot, from 3v3 Gunfights, to Battle Royale matches and more. The more you participate into those activities, the more points you’ll earn for your team and yourself, simple as that.

Remember that there are 15 territories to claim, so even if you see your faction losing the battle for a series of days, don’t worry too much. You will have the time to turn things around, as long as you and your teammates join the fight and complete tasks. By the way, if you need some help with that, make sure to check our ‘best weapons’ guide for Season 1, as it can provide some assistance with choosing a nice buddy to follow you through this marathon. After all, our weapon in Call of Duty: Mobile is our best friend.

The loot is well worth it, so choose your side and dominate the competition. Fight for Humanity will last for 15 days in total, so make haste and earn those precious rewards.


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