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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How to Get Blueprints

Get blueprints by completing missions and objectives.

by William Schwartz


Blueprints are loot items in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that you get from completing certain challenges in the game.  Using Weapon Blueprints adds skins to guns as well as attachments for a unique loadout.  There are different tiers of blueprints that you can earn by playing the game.  So how do you get Blueprints in Modern Warfare?  We’re going to explain exactly where you need to go to start unlocking them.

The fastest way to get Blueprints in Modern Warfare is head into the Barracks from the main multiplayer menus.  You can find the Barracks in both the cooperative menu and competitive multiplayer areas.  Head into the Barracks and then tab over to Missions as this will be your best place to get all different types of loot.

There are a number of missions that are available to complete.  Depending on the mission you could earn a blueprint, but the missions aren’t that simple.  You cantally have to complete a number of objectives within each mission to actually unlock the blueprint.

Once you have blueprints unlocked you can use them on your weapons by heading to the armory.

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