Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone – Season 3 Battle Pass

Is purchasing the Battle Pass worth it?

by Jess Menga
cod call of duty modern warfare warzone season 3 battle pass

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is now in its third season, and with it comes the Season 3 Battle Pass, offering rewards for Multiplayer, Special Ops, and Warzone. This guide outlines the free and paid perks of the Season 3 Battle Pass to help players decide if the added content is worth the purchase.

How Does the Battle Pass Work?

The Battle Pass is a 100-tier leveling system that grants players rewards for the time they spend earning XP in the game. Generally, the more time a player spends, the more tiers and rewards they unlock. The rewards offered are largely cosmetic and do not provide any gameplay advantages, but the Battle Pass system offers players a way to customize their experience on a seasonal basis. Every player gains access to 24 free tiers of the season pass, but to unlock all 100 rewards tiers, players must purchase the premium Battle Pass.

Free Battle Pass Content

Every player of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has access to 24 free tiers of the Season 3 Battle Pass, including:

  • Two free weapons:
    • Tier 15 – Renetti handgun
    • Tier 31 – SKS marksman rifle
  • Tier 20 – “Top Dog” Finishing Move for Riley, the dog
  • 300 CP (Call of Duty Points)
  • XP Tokens


Paid Battle Pass Content

The Season 3 Battle Pass comes with a few different purchase options:

  • Battle Pass – Standard: Costs 1,000 CP ($10) and unlocks the following:
    • Up to 1,300 CP, which is 300 more CP than the Season 4 pass, assuming no change in price
      • 100 CP per tier that offers this reward; 13 CP tiers in total
    • Play as the new Operators, Alex and Yegov, in Special Ops, Multiplayer, and Warzone
      • Immediately unlock “Hard Wired” Alex and “Hard Labor” Yegov Skin sets
      • At Tier 100, you can change Alex back to his original Campaign form
    • Legendary and Epic Operator skins (over 36 in total)
      • Tier 10 unlocks the U.S. Expeditionary Force I-III Skin set
      • Tier 30 unlocks the South Korean Special Forces I-III Skin set
      • Tier 50 unlocks the Pararescue I-III Skin set
      • Tier 70 unlocks the Counter Terrorist Special Police Force Skin set
    • Exclusive Operator Missions for Operator rewards, XP, player cards, and XP Tokens
      • Tier 40 unlocks the D-Day “Quick Draw” Operator Skin set and Mission
      • Tier 60 unlocks the Rodion “Burger Town” Operator Skin set and Mission
      • Tier 80 unlocks the Talon “Tracker” Operator Skin set and Mission
    • Legendary, Epic, and Rare weapon blueprints (19 new blueprints in total)
    • XP and Weapon XP Tokens
    • New vehicle Skins for Warzone, Ground War, and Special Ops Vehicles


  • Battle Pass – Bundle: Costs 2,400 CP ($24) and unlocks everything included in the standard pass purchase, plus:
    • 20 tier skips, allowing you to collect everything in those 20 tiers and earn the other rewards faster
    • Instant access to Tier 15’s Renetti handgun
    • Instant access to Tier 20’s “Top Dog” Finishing Move for Riley, the German Shepherd
    • Instant access to Tier 8’s “Sandstorm” shotgun blueprint

If you have yet to purchase Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you can also choose to buy the game’s digital Battle Pass edition:

  • Modern Warfare Battle Pass Edition: cost is variable and platform-dependent, but comes with:
    • The full game with Multiplayer, Special Operations, and the Campaign
    • Battle Pass system with over 20 free tiers to unlock
    • 3,000 CP, which can be used to purchase three seasons’ worth of Battle Passes (or one Battle Pass Bundle with 600 CP left over)
    • XRK Weapons Pack
    • Combat knife with custom skin

Is the Battle Pass Worth the Purchase?

Since most of these Battle Pass items are purely cosmetic, it’s up to each player to decide whether a pass purchase is worth it for them. That said, the weapons blueprints could come in handy for new players, especially those playing Warzone and other PvP modes who want to better arm themselves in battle against more seasoned players. However, all the blueprints offered are for weapons that can be earned in-game already if a player spends enough time playing.

This Battle Pass only lasts for 55 days, which is the duration of Season 3. Some players may find it difficult to grind out all 100 tiers in this time, so those who want all that it offers but are unsure that they’ll be able to complete them from the start might want to invest in the Bundle. However, many may find that this is a high price to pay for a little less than two months’ worth of content, and the standard version of the pass also offers XP bonuses for faster leveling at $14 less.

Whether or not the pass is worth it for you all comes down to personal preference. If you could care less for cosmetic items, you won’t miss out by skipping over this season’s Battle Pass. After all, the pup is included for free, so I’m set.


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