Can You Get Black Suit Tendrils Back After Beating Spider-Man 2?

Can Spidey get back in black?

by Thomas Cunliffe
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Spider-Man’s black suit is one of the best elements of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Not only does the costume and gooey tendrils look incredible, but Spidey’s Symbiote abilities also provide a breath of fresh air from typical combat.

Once you’ve beaten the game, Symbiote abilities are replaced with white Anti-Venom aesthetics, leaving many players wondering how to switch back to the traditional black appearance in Spider-Man 2’s post-game.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the conclusion of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Can You Switch From Anti-Venom Back to the Black Symbiote Suit Powers in Spider-Man 2?

Screenshot: Attack of the Fanboy

Unfortunately, you cannot switch from Anti-Venom back to black Symbiote tendrils in Spider-Man 2 once you lose the Symbiote suit in the story. While you get to keep your Symbiote abilities through a later mission, their typical black gooey appearance is replaced with a white color scheme to match Peter’s Anti-Venom suit.

You can use Spider-Man’s black and symbiote suits once you’ve beaten the game, but your Anti-Venom powers remain the same — even when using Venom Surge. Venom Surge will temporarily equip the Anti-Venom suit no matter which suit you wear. At least you get to keep your black webs, I guess?

When Do You Lose the Symbiote Suit in Spider-Man 2?


The last time you get to use Spidey’s black suit powers is during Kraven’s boss fight in Anything Can Be Broken. You can’t use any Symbiote powers from the conclusion of that mission until partway through Set Things Right, where they’re replaced with their Anti-Venom variants.

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Pete gains new Anti-Venom abilities in the game’s final missions, but you can re-equip the traditional ones in the Abilities menu at any time. My beloved Venom Yank went straight back into my move set as soon as I realized this, but I had Platinumed the game at that point. DLC can’t come soon enough.

Speaking of DLC, Insomniac may allow players to enable the black suit tendrils in a future update. Changing the time of day is also missing from the game, so it’s possible the developers are cooking up quality-of-life features alongside Spider-Man 2’s promised updates. If Screwball’s absence and Spider-Man 2’s other improvements are anything to go by, it’s evident that Insomniac is out there listening to the fans.

This guide was written while playing Spider-Man 2 on PlayStation 5.

- This article was updated on October 24th, 2023

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