Can You Have Multiple Bases in Palworld? If So, How Many?

Are you trying to build multiple bases in Palworld?

by Gordon Bicker
Image of pals surrounding a player base in Palworld. There are beams visible hitting the ground.

Palworld has plenty of mechanics for you to learn about, and you may wonder if you can have multiple bases active at once.

This article will tell you how many bases you can have in Palworld and take you through the steps for making the process faster to have more bases.

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How Many Bases Can You Have in Palworld?

You can have three total bases active at once in Palworld, but there are certain requirements you have to meet first. You can establish any base by placing a Pal Box and building it. This will then let you attach Pals to your base, along with also using it as a respawn point. The base acts as your central hub of operations, so it’s important to place it somewhere you know is abundant in resources like wood, ore, and stone, which you’ll consistently need. I have my first base on a shoreline close to a forest, and this has been working excellently for me, so you can try the same if you wish.

Eventually, when your base is level 10, you will be able to build/place another Pal Box, which will act as a second base. Likewise, when you reach level 15, you can have a third and final base active at once by placing yet another Pal Box down. All in all, this means you will spend quite a bit of time in the early game with your first base before having multiple.

How to Level a Base Fast in Palworld

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You can upgrade your Base level by completing missions that can be found through the Pal Box. At first, these missions are very quick to complete, such as building a wooden chest. The best way to go about leveling a base is always to make sure you are completing at least one or two missions per survival day. If you have a goal in mind of reaching level 10 for your base, then it will be quicker to keep that focus in mind rather than venturing off and doing random explorations.

Benefits of Upgrading a Base in Palworld

The more you upgrade your base, the more Pals you can assign to a base, so this very quickly becomes something you will want to have anyway. For each base level upgrade, you will gain one extra Pal slot for the base. This means more work will be done to a quicker degree because there will be more Pals hustling away at once when assigned.

Now that you know how many bases you can have in Palworld, you can jump back into the vast world and begin building out a base empire in no time.

- This article was updated on January 22nd, 2024

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