7 Things To Do First in Palworld

Here are the best things to do first in Palworld!

by Christian Bognar
Image showing a fight against a Pal in Palworld. Best Things to Do first in Palworld.

Considering Palworld is a survival crafting game, it can be intimidating initially, making you unsure what to do first. Lucky for you, we have created this thorough guide on the best things you should do first in Palworld to make your entry point in the game more manageable.

What Should You Do First in Palworld?

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I was very stressed when I started in Palworld, but I became more comfortable once I understood how the game works. Below, you’ll find the best things to do first in Palworld to give you a good starting point.

Create a Base

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When you first boot up Palworld, you will begin at the Plateau of Beginnings area. Since this game boils down to survival, the first thing you should do is create a base, which you can do at the starting location (or anywhere you like).

First, interact with the fast-travel tower to easily reach this location later on, and then build a Pal Box and a Primitive Workbench. The former is for establishing a base and storing Pals, while the latter will allow you to produce early-game items that help with survival.

Players can create a Pal Box by collecting 1 Paldium Fragment, 8 Wood, and 3 Stone. Meanwhile, a Primitive Workbench only requires 2 pieces of Wood. You can find all these materials on the ground in the surrounding area, so take some time to look around and gather them all.

Catch Pals

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Once you have established a base, it’s time to start catching Pals. To begin catching Pals, you must first create a Pal Sphere from the Primitive Workbench you built at your home base. The necessary materials for a Pal Sphere are 1 Paldium Fragment, 3 Wood, and 3 Stone. These materials are easily found on the ground in any area on the map. 

After you have collected the materials for a Pal Sphere and have created one at the Primitive Workbench:

  1. Find yourself a Pal by exploring the area nearby.
  2. Once you find a Pal, deal some damage to it by hitting the Pal with your fist until you see its health bar is below 50%.
  3. Throw your Pal Sphere at it, hopefully catching it and adding it to your Pal Deck.

Continue catching as many Pals as you would like for now and different species of Pals until you are ready to go onto the next step in this beginner’s guide.

Explore the Map of Palworld

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When you start to get the hang of things, it’s time to begin exploring the map of Palworld. As you progress further into the map, you will find fast-travel towers that will make your adventure more manageable and allow you to bounce between locations. Fast-travel towers are easy to spot as they are large and have an orange glow around them.

As you continue exploring the map of Palworld, make sure you pick up as many materials and items as possible. This includes Stone, Wood, Paldium Fragments, etc., for building purposes and food such as berries and other ingredients. It’s always smart to pick up materials as you explore instead of waiting because you’ll never know which situation you’ll find yourself in due to the survival nature of the game.

You should explore as much as possible when starting Palworld, as it will open opportunities to find better resources for expanding your base and upgrading your Technology tree. This brings me to my next point.

Level Up Technology Tree

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The Technology tree is the bread and butter for everything in Palworld. It gives you access to structures that can expand your base, care for your Pals, and even keep you warm and cozy for survival. You won’t have everything unlocked at first, though, which is why it is essential to start leveling up Technology as soon as possible.

There are a few ways to level up the Technology tree in Palworld. First, you can level up your character by catching Pals and winning fights against other Pals. You can also upgrade the Technology tree by collecting resources and finding Great Eagle fast-travel towers.

Tip: After catching a certain Pal 10 times, you get a massive bonus in XP for leveling the Technology Tree.

Expand Your Base

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Now that you have unlocked Technology in the Technology Tree, it’s time to expand your base. While your base will get more complex the longer you play, a good starting point is to unlock the Campfire, Wooden Chest, Repair Bench, and Wooden Structure set. You can find out what these do in the bullet list below.

  • Campfire: Keeps you warm and allows you to cook food.
  • Wooden Chest: Allows you to store materials.
  • Repair Bench: Repair weapons and tools.
  • Wooden Structure Set: Used for building a house and other buildings.

This will give you a solid foundation at the start of your adventure in Palworld, and you can expand upon this as you progress further into the Technology Tree and collect more materials. Eventually, your base will become massive, and you will have a whole village of Pals to care for!

Follow the In-Game Tutorial

When you first start Palworld, you will notice a tutorial box on the upper right side of the screen. This should not be overlooked as it walks you through how Palworld is meant to be played and gives you a good foundation for your entire adventure.

Start from the top of the tutorial and complete the tasks until all of them are completed. Once you have completed the tutorial, the tutorial box will disappear, and you will have gathered much knowledge of Palworld, making you a better player overall.

Find Lifmunk Effigies

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While not necessary right away, it’s something that can make your journey in Palworld much easier. Lifmunk Effigies are small structures with a green glow scattered across the Palworld map. They will increase your catch rate when collecting Pals, improving your chances of growing your Pal Deck collection.

The best places to find them, in my experience, are by stone structures, castles, near rivers, and inside forests. You will discover that Lifmunk Effigies make catching Pals much more accessible, improving the overall experience.

That’s all you need to know to start your adventure in Palworld! As you continue your journey, you’ll naturally learn more advanced tips, such as how to care for your Pals, defeat tough bosses, and more. We hope this guide has helped you feel more comfortable starting in the game, and we hope you enjoy!

- This article was updated on January 22nd, 2024

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