Can You Play Without Items in Mario Strikers Battle League?

For a less hectic experience.

by Elliott Gatica


Every Mario sports game has some kind of twist to them in terms of over-the-top mechanics or even the use of items we’re used to from Mario kart games and such. Of course, the usage of items is oftentimes a point of contention between tryhards and casuals. For people who want a less chaotic experience of the game, can you play Mario Strikers Battle League without items?

Can You Play Without Items in Mario Strikers Battle League?

You can actually play this game without items. In fact, when you set up a game locally and for Clubs, you can check what kind of item selection you want. If you want to keep Hyper Strikes, but get rid of shells, bananas, Bob-Ombs, and stars, you can do that. You can decide to take out all the items entirely or just without Hyper Strikes.

Playing without items does have its benefits. It can help you better understand the fundamentals of the game without having to rely on items to score. With these fundamentals, you can then move on over to game modes with items so you won’t have to fight too much when they come onto your screen.


However, some modes, like Cup Battles cannot be customized. Items along with Strike Orbs are on by default. If you’re looking to play the game without, you’ll need to set up your own Quick Game whether it’s online or offline.

Creating a strong foundation like making good passes, tackling when you need to, and intercepting shots are critical when you play Strikers Battle League. These are things you can rely on and can integrate when playing with items.

A good way to get acquainted is to check out the Training Mode. It’ll get you acquainted with the basic movements and other useful tactics in mastering the gameplay.

Mario Strikers Battle League is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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