Can you Refund Gifts in Apex Legends

Did you keep the receipt?

by J.T. Isenhour


Nothing brightens up a day quicker than being gifted an item in your favorite game. Finally, Apex Legends has given you the ability to send a gift to your friends to help brighten up their day. However, we can make mistakes and get somebody the wrong gift or gift them something they don’t need. Let’s go over whether you can refund gifts in Apex Legends and how you would do that.

Can You Refund Gifts in Apex Legends

According to the FAQ on EA’s website, you will be unable to refund any gift once the purchase has been fully completed. So once you have clicked the send gift button and selected your friend, that’s it. Those Apex Coins are gone from your account and your friend is stuck with whatever gift you sent them.

However, giving your friend a gift that they already own is next to impossible. You will be unable to send a single skin gift to a friend that already has that skin unlocked for themselves and if your friend already owns a skin that is included in a bundle you are gifting them you will receive a discounted price on the bundle and they won’t receive the skin again.

The only way you could send an incorrect gift that you would want to be refunded is if you send it to the wrong person. As long as you follow our guide on how to send gifts to your friends in Apex Legends you shouldn’t have to worry about making that mistake. Just always make sure you double-check the person you are sending the gift to.

There are strict requirements on what you can send as a gift at the moment. Currently, you can only send skins and bundles that can be bought with Apex Coins. So you won’t be sending the new legend, Catalyst to any of your friends. You also need to have been friends with the person that you want to send a gift for over two weeks on the platform.

It does seem a bit odd that EA went out of its way to implement a system to prevent you from sending a gift to any banned account. It doesn’t feel like that is a problem most players would have but at least the system is in place. You also can’t send a gift if your account has a ban on it, cheaters can’t move all of their purchased coins to another account in the form of skins.

The real reason most people will probably want to use the gifting system is to send their friends the premium battle pass but that isn’t available to be sent at this time. It currently is not mentioned if they plan on adding this as a giftable option in the future but you can bet that we will have some news about it on our Apex Legends page if they do add it.

Apex Legends is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, IOS, Android, and PC.

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