Can You Self-Revive in Hunt: Showdown? Explained

Can solo players self-revive in Hunt: Showdown?

by Christian Bognar
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Hunt: Showdown is a brutal game that will have you constantly respawning due to death. The game is challenging in co-op but is on a whole new level if you’re a solo player. Is there a solo revive option in this challenging first-person shooter? Read further to learn everything you need to know regarding self-revive in Hunt: Showdown.

Does Hunt: Showdown Have Self-Revive?

In a recent update that occurred in 2023, self-revive has been added back into Hunt: Showdown. Players equipped with the Necromancer Trait will have the opportunity to revive after 10 seconds of being down. This is a great way to boost solo players and make the game fairer for those who prefer it alone.

In update 1.12, back in March 2023, the self-revive was added to the game. Check out the tweet from the official Hunt: Showdown Twitter (now “X”) account below.

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How to Self-Revive in Hunt: Showdown

Using self-revive in Hunt: Showdown is as simple as selecting the Necromancer trait, dying, and then waiting ten seconds for the self-revive option to become available. Once the option appears on the screen, click it to self-revive and return to the action officially. The time for self-revive used to be four seconds but has recently risen to ten.

Ten seconds is a long time, so it’s always wise to be shooting at your targets from behind cover. If you die, you will be behind cover, and your enemy will have to close in on you, giving you more of a chance to survive when you get back up. Dying in the open and then waiting for 10 seconds gives your enemy time to prepare to kill you.

Due to the Necromancer trait of being able to self-revive, the community has either been pleased or angry at the situation. On the one hand, self-revive gives more freedom to solo players and makes it more accessible; on the other hand, co-op enthusiasts believe the ability to self-revive is unfair and shouldn’t be an option. What do you think?

- This article was updated on August 2nd, 2023

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