Change These Settings To Increase Prestige In Monster Energy Supercross 6

Find out how to get more credits than ever in Monster Energy Supercross 6!

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

With a vast number of customization options, earning Credits and building Prestige are rather important parts of Monster Energy Supercross 6. However, if you don’t have the right settings turned on, you may not be earning as many credits as you could be, and with a variety of different helmets and designs locked behind the Prestige ranking, you’ll want to start grinding to the top. Let’s find out what can increase or decrease your Credits and Prestige per race, and see what you can do to earn as many as possible.

How To Earn More Credits Per Race In Monster Energy Supercross 6

Before jumping into a race, there are a few things that you may want to change to increase the number of Credits you’ll receive. Depending on the Race Session that you choose, alongside the Race Length, Event Type, and AI Difficulty, you can increase or decrease the number of credits you receive. With multiple options for each, you can start farming Credits quickly. Here are all of the options you can choose, from lowest to highest:

  • Race Sessions
    • One Shot, Semi-Pro, The Real Thing
  • Race Length
    • Short, Medium, Realistic
  • Event Type
    • Standard, Showdown, Triple Crown
  • AI Difficulty
    • Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Realistic

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You’ll also have a variety of different Riding Aids that you can toggle on or off before a race, including:

  • Physics
    • Standard, Advanced
  • Joint Brakes
    • On, Off
  • Rider Weight
    • Automatic, Manual
  • Transmission
    • Semi-Automatic, Manual
  • Flow Aid
    • On, Off
  • Rewind
    • On, Off
  • Aid In Jumping
    • On, Off
  • Flow Recovery
    • On, Off

If you’re hoping to make the most credits per race, you’ll want to make sure everything is set to the hardest difficulty, alongside having the assists turned off. This means that it’s going to be challenging, but rewarding once you see your payout.

Can You Farm Credits By Cheesing The Game?

If you’re not looking for the biggest challenge in the world, you could always download an XP Farming Track once the servers go live. These tracks are normally just one turn, one jump, and the finish line. Having these assists turned off, plus using this XP Farming trick, you’ll be able to jump your Prestige up through the roof in just a matter of hours.

Keep riding on this track for as long as needed, and you’ll find that your Credits will be in the millions, and you can unlock just about everything after a few hours. If you’re hoping to get that slick Vaporwave gear set, this is going to be the easiest way to make that happen.