Clicker Simulator Values List – Best Clicker Simulator Pets

Find out the best value for your favorite pets in Clicker Simulator!

by Shaun Cichacki

If you have grown tired of the same old thing in Roblox, something as simple as Clicker Simulator may be right up your alley. With a deceptively simple premise, players will click away to earn new pets that increase their overall value. Making big moves is key to excelling in this title, so earning and selling some high-value creatures will ensure your reign on the leaderboards.

For those that are just starting, it’s going to take some time before these pets become obtainable. However, some are a bit easier to come by than others and can help earn some much-needed clicks early on in the game. To avoid a case of carpel tunnel, these are the creatures players should aim to earn quickly.

High-Value Pets In Clicker Simulator (November 2022)

Starting, values for pets do tend to change quite often. While it is great to have a baseline, note that these prices may change rapidly and without much to influence their new demand. Now that you are aware, let’s find out the best pets to work toward in Clicker Simulator.

Pet ValueNormal Value ListShiny Value ListGolden Value ListRainbow Value List
Atlantis Shock140,00400,00600,000N/A
Atlantis Leviathan125,000320,000520,000N/A
Tropical Abyss80,000286,000480,000N/A
Winged Pirate Lord55,000190,000250,000N/A
20M Portal Guardian50,00090,000150,000200,000
75M Vortex Fury35,00080,000N/A125,000
Corgi of The Sun35,00065,000105,000110,000
50M Terminator22,00044,00088,000100,000
Ultraviolet Spectre16,00032,00096,000100,000
435M Stardust Emperor14,00027,50050,00060,000
450 Primordial Jewel12,00025,00045,00048,000
100M Furnace11,00020,00050,00060,000
325M Galaxy Empress10,50020,00042,00039,000
Demented Jokester8,00015,00032,00040,000
460M autumn Eruption7,00015,00025,00027,000
150M Shattered Reality6,00012,00024,00030,000
260M Astrofighter6,00012,00024,00030,000
430M Star Overlord6,00012,00021,00025,000
Luck of the Irish3,9007,00015,00018,000
175M Hoarder3,0006,00012,00015,000
Summer Dinosaur3,0006,00011,00014,000
Corrupted Beed Overlord3,0006,00010,00015,000
Baneful Bot Bunny2,5005,00010,00012,000
300M Deranged Krab2,5004,5004,5005,000
310M Butterfly Spirits2,0005,80011,00013,000
Galaxium Core1,7003,4006,80012,500
290M Jackpot Master1,6005,50010,00013,000
Molten Core1,6003,6007,20011,400
200M Software1,5002,7005,5007,000
350M Butterfly Overlord1,4003,0006,0008,000
Coconut Bee1,4003,0007,0007,500
225M Insurgent1,3002,3005,2506,000
335M Infernal Queen1,3002,2505,0005,500
375M Shattered Guard1,3002,2504,2505,000
425M Overclock1,2502,2504,0005,000
4th Remix Master1,2002,5004,0004,500
Mutant Robot1,1502,3004,5005,000
250M Holy Temple1,0002,5004,5005,000
Virulent Ruins1,0002,0004,0004,500
Space Terminator1,0001,7004,0004,250

Should You Depend On A Price Guide?

As was mentioned above, a Price Guide is a great baseline to start selling off your unused pets. However, with market prices constantly shifting, players may find that beginning with a price guide and pricing at what they believe their pet is worth is going to be the best plan of action. Being able to earn clicks is great, but if you’re over-pricing or under-selling, it won’t be near as entertaining. Prices and pets tend to shift even when compared month over month.

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 3rd, 2022

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