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Control: The Mirror Puzzle Solution – Self Reflection Mission Guide

You have to position the doors in the right sequence to get in.

by William Schwartz


Control has some really great side missions when it comes to extra content in the game.  One of those missions is locked behind a mirror puzzle which has you solving a riddle that requires you opening and closing gates in the right order.  To get into this puzzle area, you will need to have gotten the Level 6 Clearance Card as the room is locked behind a security door.

Once you have the card, you can enter into this room and you will find that there is a mirror locked in a containment cell.  If you examine some of the collectibles in the room you will get more details about the mirror, and also discover that you can open the door in the front of the containment cell and actually use the mirror to transport you to an alternate universe in the Oldest House.  This alternate universe has a unique boss fight so it’s kind of a must see mission in Control.

To open the doors to get to the mirror you’ll need to use the switches to open and close the doors on the left and right of the mirror.  So the answer to this puzzle is in looking at the security camera footage on the computers in front of the main door.  You’ll see which doors need to be open and which ones need to be closed. You can use the video below to get through this puzzle or you can simply use the solution below:

Control: Self Reflection Mission Walkthrough and Puzzle Solution

Facing Mirror Left Side Starting with Door Closest to Mirror: Open, Open, Closed

Facing Mirror Right Side Starting with Door Closest to Mirror:  Closed, Closed, Open

Once you get the doors in the right position the main door will open and you can interact with the mirror.  This will transport you into a new area which has a unique boss fight to play.

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