Cult of the Lamb: How to Play Knucklebones

Step aside, Gwent!

by Noah Nelson
Knucklebones in Cult of the Lamb

Running your own cult in Cult of the Lamb is fun and all, but sometimes, you need to take a break to play some Knucklebones. Though Kucklebones is pretty easy to play and the game does a pretty good job of teaching you how, we’re gonna go into a bit more detail so you’ll never lose a game of Knucklebones. Here’s how to play Knucklebones in Cult of the Lamb.

How to Play Knucklebones in Cult of the Lamb

Knucklebones is a minigame that is unlocked fairly early in Cult of the Lamb. It is essentially a game of war but with dice on a 3-by-3 grid. Each player rolls a die and is able to place it at the top of any of their three columns. Players take turns doing this until one player’s entire grid is filled with dice. The player with the highest score wins.

Those are the basics of Knucklebones, but to master the game, you’ll need to destroy your opponent’s dice and multiply your own. To destroy your opponent’s dice, all you need to do is place the same numbered die that exists in your opponent’s column in your column. One die placed on your side will destroy stacks of the same die number in the opponent’s column.

To multiply your own dice, place the same number die in the same column. For example, place a 5 die in the column with a 5 die to get a score of 25 in that column.

Those are the basic advanced tips. To be a master of Knucklebones, you need the proper timing. If you focus on building one column with multipliers too early, the opponent will destroy them all. If you are in the lead and have only two spaces to fill on your board, then you can end the game quicker. Also, if your opponent has built one of their columns, it might be worthwhile to not destroy it since you are now free to multiply your own column.

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Cult of the Lamb is available on August 11, 2022, on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, macOS, and PC.