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Cyber Shadow How to Upgrade Your Skills

A ninja keeps evolving as he experiences battle. Same goes for his abilities too.

by Victor Vellas


Cyber Shadow provides a number of abilities for our protagonist to use, in order to slay anyone who stands in his way. From the simple Shuriken, to more advanced techniques like the Airstrike, anything is a tool of destruction in the right hands.

All of those abilities, can actually be upgraded even further, after you obtain them, through a very simple way.

– Spoiler Warning from this point forward –

You need to play the game until you reach Chapter 7, and run through it until the very end. Beating the chapter’s last boss, you jump into a place where a dragon statue is located. Interact with it, and phase through to a different area.

There, a giant snake-like dragon will appear explaining to you that you are pretty much the last hope for everyone in Mekacity, and in order to survive you will need more power. Hence, the dragon himself provides this extra ‘oomph’ you need, and upgrades all of your current skills to their new powerful form and lets you now charge your abilities by holding down the attack button.


  • Shuriken -> Kunai – now throws an electrified Kunai instead of a shuriken, that sticks on to an enemy, providing extra damage per second.
  • Rising Fire -> Rising Falcons – same move as before, but now with more range, power and amount of projectiles.
  • Airstrike -> Strike Shield – same move as before, but now overcharges the blade, creating a forcefield that protects you while falling down.
  • Wall Strike -> Double Jump – enables you to jump twice (finally).
  • L2 Katana -> Charge Slash – now able to charge your main attack, for more damage.
  • Parry -> Seeker – the slash-wave that comes out of the orb you created after you parried an attack, now has homing abilities and an increased amount of projectiles created.
  • Sprint -> Cross Slash – same as before, but now leaves a copy of yourself at the end of the attack, dealing extra damage to the enemy.

There you have it, all the upgraded abilities Shadow gets. With those skills set now, the entire game is opened up so you can access more areas, by using them in earlier stages and for future ones too. For more details about each skill individually, feel free to check here. Go for that 100% completion rate!


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