How to Increase the Headhunter Skill in Cyberpunk 2077

Learn how to make the most of the Headhunter skill in Cyberpunk 2077!

by Marc Magrini
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Cyberpunk 2077 introduces a lot of changes to skills and progression with update 2.0. Of these changes, one particular skill will let players focus on stealth alongside gunplay. The Headhunter skill is focused on silent assassinations and pinpoint accuracy, offering massive boons to those willing to approach gunfights with care and caution. Any stealth-focused player should know the best way to increase the Headhunter skill in Cyberpunk 2077 as well as what bonuses it will give at higher levels.

Best Ways to Increase the Headhunter Skill in Cyberpunk 2077

The Headhunter skill focuses on being quiet yet effective. The best ways to increase its level are by taking out enemies with silenced weapons or aiming for the heads and weak points of targets. Pistols, sniper rifles, and thrown knives should be your weapons of choice, since they’re already at their best when aimed at a foe’s head. Coincidentally, the similarly-named Headhunter knife is a great weapon to use if you’re focusing on increasing this skill’s level.

Synergizing Headhunter with other bonuses — such as perks from the Cool tree — will make improving the skill incredibly simple. Perks like Focus and Deadeye are directly used as part of Headhunter’s bonuses, increasing combat effectiveness on top of being a great way to boost its level. Beyond perks and weapons, you should also consider getting some Optical Camo as soon as you can, since the skill makes use of that as well. Stealth equipment will also help in letting you aim your shots without stress, so focusing your build around that playstyle will just make it even easier to improve the Headhunter skill.

All Headhunter Bonuses

These are all the bonuses you get from getting Headhunter up to certain levels:

  • Level 5: Decreases visibility from enemies by 10%.
  • Level 10: +10% headshot damage & +10% damage against vulnerabilities.
  • Level 15: One additional perk point.
  • Level 20: Your weapon will not sway when crouched.
  • Level 25: Decreases visibility by another 10%.
  • Level 30: +15% headshot damage & +15% damage against vulnerabilities.
  • Level 35: One additional perk point.
  • Level 40: Optical Camo will remain active while grappling enemies.
  • Level 45: Decreases recovery time from throws by 30%.
  • Level 50: Increases movement speed while crouched by 30%.
  • Level 55: Damage bonuses for being undetected persist for 3 seconds when entering combat.
  • Level 60: Increase Optical Camo charge by 15% after neutralizing an enemy either while undetected, while in Focus mode, while in Deadeye mode, or by using a throwing weapon.

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These bonuses will give some improvements to stealth gameplay, making it especially worthwhile to level alongside the Shinobi skill. If you care more about dealing damage than not being seen, it’s still worth getting the skill up to level 55, as you’ll get an extra safety net for when stealth encounters go wrong. As long as precision weapons are your primary source of damage, you’ll be able to get plenty of benefits from Headhunter — even if stealth isn’t your style.

- This article was updated on October 11th, 2023

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