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Daemon X Machina: How to Reload Weapons

Keep those weapons full of ammo.

by Kyle Hanson


Daemon X Machina may be about crazy characters in a post-apocalyptic world full of rampant AI machines and giant mechs, but it all comes down to weapons at the end of the day. Which weapons you use and how you use them will decide whether you live or die, and there’s few things more important to weapons than ammo. Depending on which you use, your weapons in Daemon X Machina may need to be reloaded often. There’s always the easy way to do it, but there actually are ways to manually reload any weapon you use. Here’s how to reload weapons in Daemon X Machina.

How to Reload Weapons

Much like saving, the easy way to reload weapons is to let the auto-reload system handle it. No matter which you are using, if you expend all the ammo in your gun it will reload on its own. However, for more ammo-rich guns like the assault rifles and machine guns, this can take a lot of unnecessary time and might make it so you run out of ammo an inopportune times. So how do you manually reload weapons in Daemon X Machina?

The answer lies in the controls, similar to how the D-Pad was used to change weapons. Instead of the D-Pad it’s the A button this time. Hold down the A button to stop moving for a second, then pull the trigger for whichever weapon you want to reload. So if you have expended too much ammo in your right hand weapon just hold A and press the right trigger to initiate a manual reload. This will fill your current gun with bullets from your ammo reserve, readying you for full combat.

And that’s all there is to know about how to reload weapons in Daemon X Machina. Auto-reload will cover you most of the time, but keep this in mind for when more bullets will come in handy.

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