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Dark Souls 3 Boss Guide: How to Beat the Deacons of the Deep

by Kyle Hanson


Dark Souls 3 bosses bounce between single, extremely powerful enemies, and groups of enemies. The latter can be a bit easier to handle, if you know what to do. This is because, while they can and will swarm you, you can also manage them a bit easier, and there is less risk of a single blow taking you out of the fight. The Deacons of the Deep are this type of Dark Souls 3 boss, coming at the end of the Cathedral of the Deep. They might seem intimidating at first, with their wall of red cloaks, but overall they are easily vanquished, if you know what you are doing. So, here’s our guide for how to beat the Deacons of the Deep in Dark Souls 3.

The key to this fight is to focus your attacks. Killing the bystanders is good, but your main enemy is whichever priest is currently possessed by the main boss spirit. How do you tell which one this is? Well, he’s glowing red. The spirit will switch between the Deacons, so keep an eye out for which one is possessed at all times. If you can, cut a swath through the other Deacons, and get as many hits on the red one as you can. This will do damage to the overall boss, and cause it to switch to another Deacon.

Do this enough and you’ll trigger the second phase of the Deacons of the Deep boss fight, which is a bit tougher. Now the spirit won’t switch around at all, instead possessing the main Deacon throughout the rest of the fight. The concern here are the four newly spawned Deacons, which are somewhat away from the center, and a fair bit taller than the rest. These Deacons, along with the main one, will begin channeling dark energy into the player. A curse meter will begin to fill up on your screen, and if you don’t get in there, and take out some of these guys, it will kill you.

Thankfully, that’s pretty much it. Just be mindful of the swarm of Deacons’ attacks, take out the tall ones when they begin cursing you, and focus on the red, glowing enemy, and you should knock this out pretty quickly. The only question you’ll have is where to go after you beat the Deacons of the Deep in Dark Souls 3. Luckily, we have a guide for that.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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