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Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough: Where to Go After Deacons of the Deep

by Kyle Hanson


Dark Souls 3 is full of labyrinthine dungeons and other areas. As you progress through the game, it might feel linear, but small pathways are opening up all around you, creating a tangled web of locations and hallways for you to explore. At certain points you’ll run into a wall, both literal and figurative, and wonder what to do next. We already covered where to go after the Firelink Shrine at the beginning of the game, and now we’re hitting another trouble spot. Here’s our Dark Souls 3 walkthrough for where to go after Deacons of the Deep.

The Deacons of the Deep, in case you’re trying to look ahead, are a boss battle that you fight after finishing the Cathedral of the Deep area. Once you finish them off (see how to beat them here) you are left in a totally closed off room, with nothing but a bonfire to keep you company, and point you in the right direction. Most players at this point will wonder where to go next, so here’s the answer.

Farron Keep. This swampy wasteland is found beneath the Road of Sacrifices, and you either passed right by it, or explored it thoroughly and ran into an entirely different wall. If you don’t already have a bonfire with the name Farron Keep in it, you’ll need to head back to the Road of Sacrifices and search around. The entrance is a bit out of the way, in the swampy area that you were exploring before running into the Crystal Sage. Try running around the southern portion of the swamp and you should eventually find a broken down castle area, with a ladder leading down. This will put you right on the path to Farron Keep.

If you have already found this place, or just found it using that info, then you are good to go. Make sure you explore this area fully, igniting the towers that open the door to the new boss, the Abyss Watchers. After you beat these foes you will have a shrine standing nearby. Approach it and activate it to reveal a hidden passageway. This will lead you into the Catacombs of Carthus, which will let you continue your adventures in Dark Souls 3.

Hopefully this helps, it’s not really meant to be a spoiler-filled explanation, rather this should just get you on the right path to continuing through Dark Souls 3. If you have any more specific questions, be sure to check out our other guides, or leave a comment below.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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