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Dark Souls 3 Class Guide: Which Burial Gift to Pick

by Kyle Hanson


If you’re just starting out in Dark Souls 3, then you are presented with a couple of choices right from the beginning. First, you have to pick your class, which we go very in-depth on in this guide, and then you need to pick a Burial Gift, otherwise known as a Burial Gift. This starting item will have different effects throughout the game. Some will be used quickly and then not really impact anything, while others might remain equipped to your character throughout the Dark Souls 3 adventure. So, here’s a quick guide to help you decide which Burial Gift to pick in Dark Souls 3, and for more tips check out our comprehensive Beginners Guide.

Burial Gifts

Life Ring – Raises your maximum HP. A good choice for those starting with lower HP, or just if you think you’ll be getting hit a lot.

Divine Blessing – Replenishes HP and cures all bad status effects. If you’re choosing a magic wielder, you might want to skip this, but the Divine Blessing Burial Gift is a good backup item for those that might find themselves in a bad situation.

Hidden Blessing – Completely replenishes your FP. The perfect pick for those who are looking to wield a lot of magic and other spells.

Black Firebomb – A more effective ranged weapon than the regular Firebomb. This is a consumable item, so it’s one use only. If you want a nice ranged attack for that one tough battle, this could help. Otherwise, best to avoid.

Fire Gem – Used to infuse weapons with the element of Fire. If you’re choosing a Knight or other fighter class, this could give you a nice boost, especially for enemies that are susceptible to fire, as many early ones are.

Sovereignless Soul – A big chunk of Souls, this item is used once early on to give you a couple of quick stat boosts. Decent for newcomers, it will put you above many of the early enemies if you use the Souls right.

Rusted Gold Coin – This gives a quick boost to your item discovery stats. Not really useful for characters with a high luck already, if you are wanting to choose something else, yet stll do some nice pillaging of corpses, this could work for you.

Cracked Red Eye Orb – Another single-use item, this lets you invade other players world. While this can be great fun, it is definitely not for newbies. Unless you are experienced, and looking to take your Dark Souls 3 experience to the next level, you should avoid.

Young White Branch – Yet another consumable item, this one lets you sneak past enemies without trouble. If you think you’ll be running into just one spot that you can’t get past, this would work well. Otherwise, check out the other Burial Gifts.

And that’s it. A lot of useful items, a few not so useful ones, and a couple that are really only for the more experienced Dark Souls 3 players. Hopefully this helps you make this tough choice, though you’ll have many tougher ones later on in Dark Souls 3. Let us know in the comments if you’re having any other trouble.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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