Dead Island 2 Impressive Aim Guide: How to Throw a Melee Weapon at a Zombie 35 Meters Away

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Are you wondering how to complete the Dead Island 2 Impressive Aim combat challenge? This challenge requires throwing a melee weapon at a zombie 35 meters away. While this may seem like it could be frustrating or take a lot of time to complete, it doesn’t have to. We have broken down the best possible location and method for completing the Impressive Aim achievement, which will have you throwing spirals like Tom Brady (and earn a bonus achievement in the process).

How to Throw a Melee Weapon at a Zombie 35 Meters Away in Dead Island 2

The best place to complete the Impressive Aim combat challenge is in Bel-Air. After you arrive at Emma Jaunt’s house, you will be sent out the back entrance by climbing over a fence during the Call the Calvary quest (the exit is close to Eddie’s Toolbox). This is the first viable time you can attempt this (and the best location in the game). After you climb over, you will be in an alleyway perfect for completing this achievement.

Ensure you have an inventory of weapons to make this easier on yourself. Otherwise, you will need to keep retrieving any thrown weapons, slowing down your ability to earn this achievement and causing the zombie to follow you. If this happens, just run down the other side of the street, head back into Emma Jaunt’s house, and return to the alleyway.

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Next, you will want to clear the alleyway from all zombies except one. This is the zombie you want to attempt to earn the achievement from. While there is no in-game way to measure how far away from an object you are, head back as far as you can.

The best way to hit a zombie from this far distance is to aim the melee throw reticle above its head. First, you should have the reticle high enough that your Slayer’s hand is blocking the view of the zombie. After that, keep throwing weapons until you can hit them. You will complete the challenge and earn the Donk! Achievement in the process.

- This article was updated on April 24th, 2023

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