Dead Island 2 Trick Kick Guide: How to Knock Down 3 Zombies with a Jump Kick

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering how to knock down three zombies with a jump kick to complete the Trick Kick combat challenge in Dead Island 2? Dead Island 2 has many fun melee abilities to slay zombies with. One of those abilities is the Jump Kick you gain through a Skill Card. This Jump Kick will knock down any affected zombies and is an easy way to escape when a horde traps you. However, hitting three zombies with a single jump kick takes a bit of skill and practice, but here are some tips to make it easier for you.

How to Knock Down 3 Zombies with a Jump Kick in Dead Island 2

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You can track your Challenge progress by following the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Menu
  2. Go to Challenges
  3. Select the Challenge Category
  4. The Kick Trick is a Combat Challenge

You will earn the Zombicidal Maniac trophy for completing the first tier of every challenge in the Combat Challenge category. However, you don’t need to complete these to unlock other challenge categories, as they are tracked separately.

The Trick Kick Combat Challenge has the following requirements:

  • Knock down three zombies with a Jump Kick.
    • You must hit three zombies with your foot during the Jump Kick. Knocking down multiple zombies by kicking another one into them won’t count toward the challenge.

The first thing you need to do is equip the Jump Kick skill card in your Skill Deck. For this challenge, you can use the Dropkick or the Flying Kick skill card. However, I did find that the Flying Kick ability was the easiest way to achieve this challenge. This is because you get more air with this Jump Kick skill card and it is easier to hit three zombie heads at once instead of knocking a single zombie into the group.

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Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You can perform a jump kick by pressing the jump button and then the jump kick button while midair to perform a jump kick in midair. For example, on the PlayStation 5 controller, you would press the X button to jump and the R3 button to perform the Jump Kick.

The easiest way to complete this challenge is by gathering up many zombies in an enclosed space like the hallways of the Halperin Hotel. After you have multiple zombies on you, it is recommended that you go inside a room and let them come into the room so you don’t get eaten from behind. Next, it is recommended that you do a regular kick on each of the zombies to lower their Stamina to the last notch before they are knocked down. After that, you can use your chosen Jump Kick skill card.

- This article was updated on April 21st, 2023

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