Dead Island 2 My Mailman Was a Zombie Lost & Found Quest Guide

Did you hear the one about the un-stamped letter? Never mind... you wouldn’t get it.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you seeking the ultimate Dead Island 2 My Mailman Was A Zombie Lost & Found quest guide? My Mailman Was A Zombie is the second Lost & Found quest you will come across in Dead Island 2. You will start the quest when you find the Signature Required journal and crate next to a delivery truck in Bel-Air. The Signature Required journal says that a special weapon is in the crate, and to unlock it, you must find the Mailman Keys.

How to Get the Mailman’s Key in Dead Island 2

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To start the quest, you must find the delivery truck and the Signature Required journal which are both located on Alpine Drive, as shown in the picture above. You can start this quest at the same time as the Saddle Up To Santa Monica quest.

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You must follow the mailman’s route by finding stacked packages and interacting with them. Here is where you will find the three package locations:

  • The GOAT Pen: 59 Alpine Drive
  • Colt Swanson: 70 Alpine Drive
  • Mr. and Mrs. Doe: 143 Glitterati Corner

After you find all three of the mailman’s deliveries, you must fight him to get the Mailman’s Keys.

The GOAT Pen Package Location

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After starting the My Mailman Was A Zombie Lost & Found quest, the first place you will want to head is the front door of the GOAT Pen. When you enter the compound courtyard, you will want to head down the stairs to the front door, where the stacked packages sit next to a concrete ball.

Colt Swanson Package Location

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After inspecting the packages at The Goat Pen, you will want to leave out of the farthest exit (not the one you came in), go across the street, and up the stairs. This will lead you into Curtis Sinclair’s house. You will first pass by the utility room, where you had to fix his power. Then, turn left and head up those stairs. Continue straight and head past the guest house and out the exit into the cul-de-sac. You will find the Colt Swanson packages sitting up against a black fence.

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Mr. and Mrs. Doe Package Location

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After inspecting the Colt Swanson packages, you must turn right and head up the hill. Keep going past the Stop Sign and Star Haul moving truck. Keep going until you find the stairs leading up to the tennis courts. Then, head inside the house through the back and continue until you reach the front.

This is the first location you spawned into Bel-Air, and the third package is at the top of the drive leading down into the garage, where you got the first Circuit Breaker. Once you inspect those packages, Wayne The Mailman will spawn in the area.

Wayne the Mailman Location

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Wayne the Mailman is a Slugger zombie you must slay to get the Mailman’s Keys.

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