Dead Island 2 Slayer Tier List: All 6 Characters Ranked From Worst to Best

Are you sure you want to slay your way through Hell-A with [Insert Name Here]?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Are you looking for the ultimate Dead Island 2 Slayer Tier List so you know which of the six characters are ranked from worst to best? Picking your slayer is extremely important because you cannot swap to another once you start the game. You can also play Dead Island 2’s campaign almost entirely in co-op mode, so building the best zombie-slaying team composition is also essential.

All Dead Island 2 Slayers Ranked from Worst to Best

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Each Slayer in this Dead Island 2 Slayer Tier List was ranked by the ability to do one specific role (DPS, Tank, Stealth, etc…). So while some Slayers make for incredible Hybrid builds, they don’t excel in one area, which is vital for Solo and Co-Op play.

6. Amy

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Amy is excellent at trapping and killing zombies that she isolates away from the horde due to her Relief Pitcher and Divide and Conquer innate abilities. However, isolating zombies is hard because Dead Island 2 is meant to play head-on, and throwing weapons becomes tedious. It is also easier to use defensive mechanics like a dodge or attack to regain stamina is much more effective than throwing a weapon.

5. Dani

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Dani is a less effective brawler than Jacob. She only excels in having extremely High Stamina and requires you to constantly use Heavy Attacks while slaying zombies as quickly as possible to heal yourself because her Health Recovery isn’t great, which limits you to a specific playstyle.

4. Carla

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Carla is a damage-dealing tank, meaning she is a less effective brawler than Jacob and a less effective tank than Ryan. However, she does have High Resilience and Toughness and can deal out bits of damage when needed, so if you don’t want a full brawler or tank Slayer, she is a solid choice. However, she does have the lowest Critical Damage out of any Slayer in the game.

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3. Bruno

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Bruno is the best stealth character and has the most significant critical damage, which means you can run up behind a shambling zombie or one being tanked to teal a ton of damage to it without getting hurt. Unlike Amy, Bruno also has an out if you get noticed, so you don’t die or get overwhelmed instantly due to his low Health and Toughness stats.

2. Ryan

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Ryan is the best tank in the game due to his high Stamina and Resilience stats. His innate abilities also allow him to gain force and regain health by using defensive abilities, allowing you to tank many zombies for extended periods before you have to rest. However, he is one of the slowest Slayers in Dead Island 2, so you won’t be winning any sprints.

1. Jacob

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Jacob is the best DPS character in the game because his stackable innate skills will turn you into a total zombie-slaying unit. However, his damage is made up for by his having average stats across the board, meaning you will need to play him carefully depending on the situation you find yourself in.

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