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Death Stranding: How to Carry Pizza

How to keep pizza horizontal

by Kyle Hanson


You knew it would happen, right? As soon as you figured out that Hideo Kojima’s latest game was all about delivering things, you knew he couldn’t help himself. He would have to include a mission where you deliver pizza. Yep…you were right. It’s in there. And it’s not a standard mission. Instead it serves to teach you a few important concepts in the game, including delivering on time and intact. Here’s how to carry pizza in Death Stranding.

How to Carry Pizza

The things that make this mission tough are all the same reasons carrying pizza in real life are tough. People don’t like waiting for their pizza and they want it to arrive while still hot from the oven. What this translates to in the game is that you need to carry the pizza the right way, and you have to get it there in 30 minutes or less. Not too hard, really, but there’s some things you need to keep in mind.

To carry the pizza the right way, you need to keep it horizontal the whole way there. Equipping a Power Skeleton will really help with this, as it will make it easier to maintain your balance the whole trip. Once you have that, you’ll also want to grab a few ladders as you’ll be crossing some rivers along the way. Two should work, but fee free to grab one or two more just to be safe. I’m telling you to get this stuff, because you’ll want to have it all picked out and organized before you grab the pizza.

Load everything up and auto arrange by hitting triangle. You can offload the pizza to manage this, if you need to. Once everything is ready you can pick up the pizza, as it should rest horizontally on top of the pack. Now you just need to deliver it within 30 minutes. Your destination is almost due west, so just follow your map, avoiding rough terrain as it pops up. You can check out tips above for keeping your balance, but going slow will help.

And that’s how to carry pizza in Death Stranding. Get it there fast and fresh and you’ll be rewarded quite well for the effort.

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