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Death Stranding: How to Get Across the Tar Belt

Cross the tar belt with this guide

by Kyle Hanson


The majority of your time in Death Stranding is spent figuring out how to get across vast stretches of land. Whether it’s populated with mountains, rocks, rivers, BT’s, or MULEs, there’s almost always something standing in your way as you try to take your cargo from point A to point B. Near the end of the game though, a new challenge arises. A massive tar belt stands between Sam and the game’s concluding chapters. Here’s how to get across the tar belt in Death Stranding.

How to Get Across the Tar Belt

As you stand facing the massive stretch of tar that blocks Sam from reaching Edge Knot City where Higgs is ready to face him. Of course, before you even try to trek across the tar you’ll want to deposit your cargo. Head up to the dilapidated bridge terminal to do so. However, you’re pretty much stuck here. You can’t make new items through the Chiral Network, and no vehicle is going to handle the huge amount of tar that stands in your way. So what do you do? How do you cross the tar? You’ve gotta use the BT’s.

Head southwest from the terminal and you’ll find a spot that’s full of BT’s. Skip all of our advice on how to avoid them cause you want their attention for possibly the first time ever. Make sure you’re near the tar before you do, but once you’re ready to cross just get their attention so that you end up getting dragged into the tar, triggering the appearance of the larger BT creature. Now this is where things get really crazy in your journey across the tar belt.

As the large BT attacks he’ll draw buildings and other objects out of the tar. These are your bridge. Don’t fight the BT, just ignore and evade them. Instead focus on moving toward your goal, using the buildings, cars, and other detritus as a bridge to get you across. Using this you’ll find your way pretty easily, as long as the BT doesn’t snag you.

And that’s how to get across the tar belt in Death Stranding.

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