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Death Stranding: How to Repair and Change Boots

Stuck with worn out boots? Here's your choices.

by Kyle Hanson


Like all things in Death Stranding, your boots degrade over time. Whether it’s from overuse or too much Timefall, eventually your boots are going to run out of tread. Sam’s feet can’t take too much punishment, so wounds will begin to form and you’ll start to lose blood along with your balance. There are a lot of options available to you though, and while many ask how to repair boots in Death Stranding, you should really wonder how to change boots.

How to Repair and Change Boots

Yes, while you can repair many things in Death Stranding your boots aren’t really one of them. That’s totally fine though, because you have better options instead. Instead of repairing boots you should simply create some new ones. Any Safe House with the barest of materials will be able to do it. Just head there, activate the terminal, go to the crafting section and choose to create a new pair of boots. You can then enter the inventory screen to put them on, or choose them from the sub menu by holding up on the D-Pad and equipping them from there.

Alternatively, if you’re out in the wild when your boots run out of tread, you still have some choices. Sandalweed is pretty readily available and can be used as footwear when you can’t create a new pair of boots. You can also find new boots at various places, such as MULE camps. Head in there and fight some MULEs and some will drop their version of the boots Sam wears throughout the game. Pop them on and you’ll be good to go again.

Without these things you’ll want to know how to maintain your balance and where to get vehicles, cause you won’t be quite that mobile anymore. But by following these tips on how to repair and change boots in Death Stranding that shouldn’t be a huge concern anyway.

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