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Death Stranding: Where to Get More Metals, Resins, Ceramics, Chemicals, and Special Alloys

How to get more resources

by Kyle Hanson


Death Stranding may be all about delivering cargo, but there’s a lot of other items and material you’ll need to collect to facilitate that. Metals, resins, ceramics, and a host of other items are collectible as you journey around, delivering your packages. And all of them serve valuable purposes, such as building structures or printing off a new vehicle. To help you with this and your many other goals, here’s where to get more metals, resins, ceramics, chemicals, and special alloys in Death Stranding.

Where to Get More Metals, Resins, and Other Resources

First, the bad news. Most things in Death Stranding are random to a certain degree. Items like metals and resins are mostly random in where they appear out in the world. So I can’t just say “go here to get more ceramics”, but I can give you tips for how to find more of this stuff when you need it. And I can also explain the wonky inventory system in the game, which can be used to store and retrieve a lot of useful stuff, including all of these resources.

First off, if you’re in an area out in the wild with no Safe House or other spot that houses resources you may have stored there, then your best bet is a MULE or other enemy human occupied camp. These places are simply chock full of resources of all stripes, though mine typically had a ton of Special Alloys scattered around. Of course, if you’re taking them on you’ll probably need to know how to use weapons.

You can always stay sneaky and stealthy, but once you knock out the MULES or other humans you’ll have free reign over the entire camp. Resources should be scattered everywhere around and most camps will have two Post Boxes you can break into for even more of a bounty. Once you clear it out you’ll definitely want to know how to carry more items, since you’ll have more than you can put on your back.

Other than this you’re mostly at the will of random chance. Resources will spawn out in the wild, sometimes from other players who have dropped them. Pick them up and deliver them to a Chiral Network connected site to store them there. The inventory between locations isn’t really connected, so try to keep that in mind as you deliver them. Choosing Recycle from the Terminal will store the resources, whether they be metals, resins, ceramics, chemicals, or special alloys at the location. You can also claim materials from the same menu and grab anything others have left behind for your use.

If you need resources in a specific location you’ll have to carry them there yourself, but usually there’s plenty to go around. Check Shared Lockers anywhere they’re available, and Claim Materials from nearby spots that have extra of whatever you need. Otherwise you can always Recycle any item you no longer need. This will break it down to its component elements, which should yield you some metals, resins, or chemicals depending on what it is.

And that’s all the tips we currently have for where to get more metals, resins, ceramics, chemicals, and special alloys in Death Stranding. Keep exploring and connecting sites and you should end up with way more than you’ll need.

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