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Death Stranding: How to Carry More Items

Carry more cargo and packages by following these tips

by Kyle Hanson


In Death Stranding it’s your job to put America back together following a massive, earth changing event that has weakened the wall between the living and the dead. How will you accomplish this colossal task? By delivering packages of course! Yes, it’s yet another FedEx/Amazon/Postman simulator game. They’re a dime a dozen, to be sure. Sarcasm aside, your success in the game comes down to how many items you can deliver, how fast, and in what kind of condition. Thankfully the answers to all of those comes down to this. Here’s how to carry more items in Death Stranding.

How to Carry More Items

We’ll break some higher level options down in other guides, so check back for updates as we explore more of the Death Stranding world. At its core though, the question of how to carry more items has a few key options and mechanics behind it. There’s Sam’s carry weight capacity, which will grow somewhat over time, but will mostly be influenced by new equipment and vehicles that will unlock as you play through the 40+ hour campaign.

Vehicles will be one of the first things you unlock in this regard, see more about how and where to get vehicles here. Trikes will let you carry a few extra things, with players able to attach a couple of items to the side of the standard range motorcycle. To do this simply walk up to them and use the button prompt, or open your inventory and manually select the items you want to switch to the vehicle. Trucks are even better, letting you store tons of extra items and cargo on them. And if you’re overencumbered, exceeding your carry weight capacity, you often can still get onto a vehicle, though it’s a risky option you should avoid unless necessary.

Beyond vehicles though, you have a couple of other options for how to carry more items. Power Skeleton will likely be one you go for quite often. These unlock pretty early in the campaign and can come in a number of different types. If you want more speed there’s one for that, but to carry more cargo you want the standard Power Skeleton model. Make sure you keep a pair of these handy and equipped whenever possible as they’ll give you a big boost in strength and will let you carry a ton more cargo. Be sure to keep them charged though.

Beyond that there’s the Floating Carrier, an item that will unlock partway through the campaign. This can be crafted at almost any Safe House. If you’re collecting a lot of resources or other items you will want to bring one along. Once you’re ready just open your equipment menu with right on the D-Pad then highlight the Floating Carrier and press Circle. You can then load items onto it from the inventory menu or by selecting it with the on screen prompt. You can also drop multiple Floating Carriers and link them together. Just be aware that this will use Chiral Crystals, so don’t use it unless you need to, or have plenty of extra.

Something else to keep in mind when asking this question is your balance. If you’re on your feet, whether they’re supplemented with robotics or not, the more you carry the less you’ll be able to keep your balance. Be sure to read how to maintain your balance for the best tips and tricks. Otherwise this is all there is to know about how to carry more items in Death Stranding.

- This article was updated on:November 7th, 2019

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