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Death Stranding: Should you Entrust Cargo or Deliver it Yourself

What Happens when you Entrust Cargo to Other Players

by Kyle Hanson


While most of the missions you’ll play through in Death Stranding will involve picking up cargo and dropping it off at a specific location, things change when it comes to lost cargo. Whether it’s a system generated package or something dropped by one of your fellow players, you have two choices for what to do once you have a piece of cargo that’s meant to go somewhere else. Should you entrust cargo or deliver it yourself in Death Stranding? But let’s start by explaining what happens when you entrust cargo?

What Happens when you Entrust Cargo to Other Players

Death Stranding is all about getting your cargo to its destination, but sometimes you don’t want to complete the entire trip. This is where entrusting cargo comes in. With lost cargo or other deliveries that aren’t specifically assigned missions, you always have the ability to entrust the package at any Chiral Network connected location. Once you arrive and finish up any real missions you have, you can choose to deliver lost cargo which offers the chance to either deliver them directly, if this is their destination, or entrust it to other players to finish.

Choosing the latter option will put the lost cargo into the Shared Locker where other players can pick them up to help finish the job. There is a time limit on this, though it’s not specified in the game. So once you entrust the cargo it will be available for others to pick up. If they do, they can make the same choice, either delivering it or entrusting once again. Once the cargo makes it to its final destination everyone in that chain will receive Likes from the intended recipient. Which brings us to the real question…

Should you Entrust Cargo or Deliver it Yourself

Do you need all the Likes you can get? Then read this guide, and also make sure you’re delivering packages to their final destination. Doing so will yield typically double the Likes, but sometimes more or less, in comparison to delivering it yourself. It also guarantees that you get those Likes and that the package doesn’t just rust away in the Shared Locker. If the target of the package is particularly helpful to you, such as The Engineer, then you’ll want to get that cargo to them yourself. Otherwise you’re pretty OK just entrusting all the lost cargo you pick up out in the wild.

This should all explain what happens when you entrust cargo and whether you should entrust cargo or deliver it yourself. In short, entrusting creates a chain of players who all work to deliver the package. Doing so makes for a cool co-op experience, but will cost you Likes. If you don’t need them though, just do it and go looking for other stuff to pick up and deliver.

- This article was updated on:November 8th, 2019

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