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Deathloop Data Cassette Puzzle Solution

Here's how to solve the cassette puzzle guarding Charlie and Fia's hideout in Fristad Rock.

by Diego Perez


When working through the Afternoon Delight Visionary Lead in Deathloop, players will come across a data cassette puzzle that they must solve in order to access Charlie and Fia’s secret hideout. Getting into that hideout will allow players to take out both Visionaries in one fell swoop, but solving this puzzle is easier said than done. The solution is randomized for each player, too, so you’ll have to do your own detective work. Here’s how to solve the data cassette puzzle in Deathloop.

How to Solve the Data Cassette Puzzle in Deathloop

You’ll come across the data cassette puzzle after you search the Fristad Shore for Charlie and Fia’s meeting spot. Their hideout is in a bunker marked with the number 09, and it’s tucked away in a hidden corner of Fristad Rock.


Once you read the Order of Operations note by the computer, you’ll learn the combination to a safe in Karl’s Bay. Head over there and open up the safe to find another note. There, you’ll learn that Charlie has protected their hideout with a secret passcode. In order to crack it, you need to find pictograms that Fia painted in her bunker at Fristad Rock. Head over to Fristad Rock at Noon to find them.

Where to Find Fia’s Pictograms

There are a ton of Pictograms spread throughout Fia’s bunker, and like most things in Deathloop, the ones that you need to find are randomized. They’re large green and white patterns painted on walls, ceilings, and doors, so they’re pretty hard to miss. Your Visionary Leads page should give you fairly obvious hints to help you find them too.


If you’re having trouble locating them, check out our Deathloop pictogram locations guide. Here are basic descriptions for most of the pictogram locations as well:

  • It enlivens the lockers: Locker room on the second floor
  • It’s beneath the wheeled behemoth: Under a large truck by the bunker entrance
  • It marks Fia’s stage exit: On a door along the painted path on the floor
  • It wants for power: In a locked cage to the right of the bunker entrance
  • It adds color to tools and schema: In the room opposite the “wants for power” pictogram
  • It lubricates the shaft: On the wall of the elevator shaft
  • It’s overshadowed by Fia’s shimmering masterpiece: On the wall behind the reactor
  • It ogles the rear entrance: At the back entrance of the bunker
  • It tends the main hall: On the wall along the painted path on the floor across from a security camera

How to Enter the Code Correctly

Once you’ve found all four pictograms, head back to Fristad Rock. Take a close look at the blueprint laying near the data cassettes. Each pictogram corresponds to a number, so all you have to do is put them in the right order.


It can be a little tricky to figure out which pictogram corresponds to which cassette because Charlie’s notes are a bit messy, but it shouldn’t take too long to crack the code. Just interact with the right data cassettes in the right order to open the door to the Pumping Station. Thankfully, you’ll only have to solve this puzzle once because the right numbers will appear floating over the data cassettes the next time you return.

Inside the Pumping Station, you’ll be able to take out Charlie and Fia at the same time. This will bring you one step closer to eliminating all of the Visionaries in a single run, which in turn, puts you one step closer to breaking the loop.

Deathloop is available now on PC and PlayStation 5.

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