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by Shaun Cichacki

As gamers get ready to sink their teeth into the meat of Demeo, they may be questioning which class they should primarily venture forth as. With a total of 7 classes currently available, and more on the way in the future, finding the best class to play is important.

While Tier Lists are normally subjective, we are going to take a bit of a different approach. Rather than ranking them from worst to best, we are going to recommend which character to play in regards to your personal strengths, so the next Demeo session you play with friends can end in victory, rather than crushing defeat.

All Demeo Characters Ranked On Strengths

With all of the currently available classes, they excel at certain points and falter in others. Let’s dive in and find out who to play, based on your general playstyle, and why you should choose that particular character.

Sneaking In The Shadows/Hands-Off Approach – Kai, Assassin of the Shadows


For gamers hoping to strike from the shadows when it is least expected, Kai the Assassin should be the first to migrate towards. While powerful, they tend to be one of the most versatile classes for those hoping to mess about in the shadows first, and strike later.

There is plenty to love about Kai, and their rich selection of magic cards can help players finally put the final nail in the coffin of the opponent they’ve been stalking around the board. A worthy pick for beginners and experts, as they can help teach the player the finer elements of stealthy gameplay.

Headstrong/Tank With Big Damage – Uhrak, Champion Of The Arena


For gamers hoping to charge headfirst into battle, leaping over obstacles in pursuit of fresh meat, Uhrak is going to be the champion for you. The newest entry to Demeo, this character is meant for those that like to talk with their weapons first and ask questions later.

For those that like to take the silent approach, Uhrak is likely not going to be the character for you. However, for those hoping to inflict massive damage, no matter where they are on the field, choosing the Champion Of The Arena is the best way to go. Make sure to check your cards often, as there are chances for massive damage hiding within the text.

Defensive/Crowd Control – Sigrun, Guardian of the Realm


Alongside being able to take damage like a champion, Sigrun also has an extra piece of equipment that other characters could only wish they had: Armor. Repairable armor, at that fact, as she can earn more cards to bulk up further.

With a great AOE attack range, and the ability to smack enemies off of ledges if they’re in the right spot, Sigrun could be a great choice for those that like to play defensively and protect their friends from upcoming doom and gloom. However, she is also powerful and can cause massive damage if their spear is needed in combat.

Ranged Combat/Support – Ailin, Hunter of the Woods


For those that like to cause damage from a distance, Ailin is the perfect character to get acquainted with. Eliminating enemies from a distance is her game, and she is more than capable of causing some extreme damage without ever being seen by foes.

Alongside her skills with a bow, she has countless excellent magic skills that can help players get out of a sticky situation. However, her usefulness may be squandered if enemies get in a little too close for comfort, as she is not as effective up close, so make sure to stay away if possible.

Might And Magic/High Risk, High Reward – Zedokar, Sorcerer of the Spheres


Zedokar is going to be one of the harder characters to use, even if you love the idea of hitting your foes with the power of the elements. While they have a fair amount of power, all of the skills are going to rely on RNG, and hoping that you receive good cards throughout your journey.

If the cards are right, Zedokar can be almost unstoppable, with a flurry of different spells available at his disposal. However, if the RNG Gods are not feeling kind, his use is almost diminished, unless players can get lucky enough to find a POI that gives great cards.

Support/Healer – Molthas, Singer of the Mortal Sonnets


For those hoping to avoid combat at any corner, Molthas may be a perfect choice. As the support member of the group, this Bard will be more likely to help out others, rather than themselves in the midst of an epic battle. While they are competent in battle, he truly shines when helping others.

No matter if allies need a pick-me-up when they’re low on health, or a damage/defensive boost before facing off against the boss of the floor, Molthas is a valuable member to have on the team. However, make sure to check the integrity of the team before adding him, as too little damage or high-risk characters could jeopardize his abilities.

Strategist/Chain Attackers – Oana, Warlock of the Ancients


And for the final character currently available, Oana is the perfect choice for those hoping to use strategy to their advantage. Alongside her spells and conjuring abilities, Oana also brings her faithful pet Cána along for the ride. While Cána may not be the strongest ally on the team, with only 4 health points and 1 damage point, they can do more than enough to help against small foes and even bosses.

However, much like Zedokar above, Oana is another risky character to venture out with on your lonesome. While she has plenty of power, getting caught between a rock and a hard place can spell out instant doom for your favorite character. Thankfully, Cána can be quite useful in these situations, as they can work as a decoy to protect the player for a few turns as they attempt to retreat.

Certain characters have strengths that will put them on the top of the list, depending on the adventure that players have decided to embark upon. While it’s almost impossible to say who the best of the best really is, any character can push you through far enough with time, effort, and patience on your side. Demeo may be a bit of an unforgiving game at times, but mastering a character can help players survive longer than ever before.

Demeo is available now on Oculus Quest and PC and will be available on PlayStation 5 and PSVR 2 on February 21, 2023.

- This article was updated on January 13th, 2023

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