Is Demeo: PC Edition Cross Platform? – Meta Quest/Steam Explained

Can you play with friends, regardless of the console? Find out here!

by Shaun Cichacki

For gamers hoping to start up a new weekend tradition with their online friends, Demeo could be the ultimate choice for the whole squad. Alongside a flat version with Demeo: PC Edition, gamers that are more interested in the world of Virtual Reality can join in on the fun on their headset of choice.

However, will gamers across these realms be able to join forces in their epic campaign, or will they be locked to their platform of choice? Let’s dive in and find out all of the details about crossplay in Demeo, and if all players can play together, or if solo Skirmishes are in your future.

Does Demeo: PC Edition Have Cross-Play With VR Demeo?

Gamers can rejoice, as they will be able to join in with their friends, regardless of how they play. This means that VR enthusiasts can play with gamers that personally enjoy the flat version of this particular game. This could be monumental, as some gamers may not have the stomach for Virtual Reality, or just prefer not to have goggles strapped onto their faces while playing a game.

No matter if you are playing VR or Flat on the Steam Version, gamers can join forces to sweep through campaigns together, especially if they’ve assembled the ultimate team of characters. However, we can only assume once the PSVR2 version of this title comes to life that we can bring our PlayStation friends in on the fun. Alongside the upcoming Hero Hangout mode coming to the game, there is plenty more content on the horizon.

Boundless adventure is in store for those jumping into Demeo for the first time, even if the challenge level is a bit high. We loved our time with the game, and think that it could be the ultimate virtual tabletop experience, so grab a few friends and get together to slay some ghouls and goblins in this fantasy world.

Demeo is available now on Oculus Quest and PC and will be available on PlayStation 5 and PSVR 2 on February 21, 2023.

- This article was updated on January 13th, 2023