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Demon’s Souls – How to Get the Mirdan Hammer

The spear-hammer

by Abdul Saad


While a brand new PS5 exclusive, the Demon’s Souls Remake is still very much the same Souls game it’s always been, which means there’s a large number of weapons for new players, especially to get accustomed to, most of which will need to be found or farmed. A class of weapons that is especially useful to new players are spears. A spear that’s a great weapon for those starting out is the oddly named Mirdan Hammer. This guide will show you how to locate it.

How to Get the Mirdan Hammer

The Mirdan Hammer can be found in two locations in Demon’s Souls. The Leechmonger Archstone and the Swamp of Sorrow in the Valley of Defilement. In Leachmonger Archstone, the weapon can be found once you drop the plank to the shortcut seen halfway into the area. Once you’ve dropped the plank, drop left, and you should find the weapon on a corpse on a small platform.

The only disadvantage to this is that this area is found later on in the game so it might be a bit hard to get to. Otherwise, the Mirdan Hammer can also be farmed off Scale Miners found much earlier in the game, in the Smithing Grounds. These are the pickaxe wielding enemies you’ll come across in the area, so continuously killing them will give you a chance at obtaining the weapon. However, you might have to do this a lot as the weapon’s drop rate is a little low.

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