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Demon’s Souls PS5 – How to Change World Tendency

Tendency will influence how hard or easy the game can be.

by William Schwartz


World Tendency is one of the gameplay mechanics in Demon’s Souls which influences how hard or how easy the game is.  There are different actions in the game that you can take which will have an effect on the World Tendency and this can be monitored via the in-game menu under the tendency tab.  In this guide we’ll explain tendency in Demon’s Souls, what it means, and how to change it.

What is Tendency?

Tendency ranges in Demon’s Souls from Pure White to Pure Black.  In Pure White Tendency enemies are easier to kill, but the tradeoff is that they will dropping fewer items and less souls.  When a world’s tendency is Pure Black enemies will be much harder, but they will drop far more items of greater value.

So how do you know what the tendency currently is?  You can check this in the pause menu and under the tendency tab.  Here you will find each Archstone and the tendency of that world.

How to Change World Tendency

Depending on your preference you may want to change the world tendency to white or to black and there are different actions to complete for each.

Change World to White Tendency

Kill the Dragons in World One – Blue or Red Dragon will give you +1 towards white tendency

Kill Black Phantoms – There are five each with +1

Kill Invading Black Phantom – +1

Kill a Boss in any world + 1

Kill a Primeval Demon + 3

Change World to Black Tendency

Dying outside the Nexus while in Human form will give you -1 each time you do so

Kill King Doran in 1-1

Kill Human NPC

When you complete these actions you will then need to return to the Nexus to see the results and the change in Tendency

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