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Destiny 2 Beyond Light – How to Earn Duality Exotic Shotgun

Near or far, Duality will kill your foes.

by Brandon Adams


Duality is a beast of a shotgun, and it’s tied to the first season pass for Destiny 2 Beyond Light. You don’t necessarily need to buy the Season of the Hunt pass to earn Duality, but you will need to invest some time in the game to reach the rank required to net this potent exotic shotgun for yourself.

Duality is a rank 1 paid track reward, and is the rank 35 free track reward in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

Anyone who buys the Season of the Hunt pass will earn Duality immediately, so long as they go to the Season tab and redeem the first rank of rewards. They’ll also begin working on Duality’s catalyst quest, which requires kills within Strikes, Gambit, or Crucible to “calibrate it”, then an actual 50 Guardian kills (yay), and 100 “Duality Slug” targets defeated (targets killed using a combination of Duality’s hip-fire pellets and ADS slug).

Free players will have to do a little bit of grinding, but Duality isn’t super deep within the Season of the Hunt pass in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. If you like to keep your money in your wallet you can simply grind to season rank 35, where Duality is the free reward. Completing the main story of Beyond Light will get you to around rank 8, so you’ll want to start taking on additional quests and bounties to power your rank up. There are players already chilling at rank 30 and above, so even casual play can get you to rank 35. You may have to log a few minutes of play every day or two, but it’s doable.

Duality’s intrinsic trait is Compression Chamber, which “fires a pellet spread in hip-fire or a single high-damage slug while aiming.” It has Corkscrew Rifling, an Alloy Magazine, and Short-Action Stock, but what makes this shotgun sing is the On Black Wings perk. Pellet kills will grant a stacking precision and reload speed buff, and slug kills will extend the duration. Reloading drops the buff, but the idea is simple: alternate between hip-fire and aiming to maximize the precision buff, and keep it alive when it comes time for a speedy reload.

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