Destiny 2 Guide: How to Level Up Fast in 2023

Increase your Power Level.

by Noah Nelson
Destiny 2 Lightfall Gear
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Whether you are new or returning to Destiny 2, one thing you’ll need to do is increase your level. In Destiny 2, your overall damage output and how much damage you can take is tied to your Power Level. Power Level is dictated by your weapons and armor.

Power Level is something that constantly needs to be increased with each new season, except for Season 21. Here’s the best way to level up fast in Destiny 2.

How to Increase Your Power Level Fast in Destiny 2

Each season of Destiny 2 has three Level Caps: Soft Cap, Power Cap, and Hard Cap. Every character starts a new expansion at a starting Power Level and they need to grind up to the Soft Cap, then the Power Cap, and finally the Hard Cap.

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Usually, each season ups the Power and Hard Caps by 10 points while major expansions require all players to grind around 200 points to reach the Power Cap. Because of that, it’s important to know how to level up fast.

The first tip you need to know about leveling fast in Destiny 2 is that each season, you get a seasonal artifact. This seasonal artifact has its own XP that increases as you do just about anything in the game. As the seasonal artifact levels up, you’ll get bonus Power Levels, so keep that in mind.

How to Reach the Soft Cap Fast in Destiny 2

Reaching the Soft Cap is relatively easy, but it takes time. The only way to increase your Power Level is to acquire new weapons and gear.

If you are under the current Soft Cap, each piece of gear you get from completing quests, activities, and opening any type of Engram earns you weapons or armor with a higher Power Level.

To reach the Soft Cap quickly, just play the game. Do any activity you like, complete Exotic quests like The Variable, and continue to get more loot.

If you love the armor and weapons you have, you can spend an Upgrade Module to absorb the Power Level of the piece you don’t want to keep and put it into the one you want to keep.

How to Reach the Power Cap Fast in Destiny 2

Once you have reached the Soft Cap, general loot from activities won’t give you loot with higher Power Levels. You now need to focus on opening Powerful, Prime, and Pinnacle Engrams from weekly ritual challenge activities as seen in Gambit, Crucible, Vanguard Strikes, and the Seasonal Activity.

The only way you’ll make the jump from Soft Cap to Power Cap is by opening Powerful, Prime, and/or Pinnacle Engrams and equipping that gear or using an Upgrade Module to place the Power Level onto something you want to keep, like the Deterministic Chaos Exotic.

With that in mind, the fastest way to reach the Power Cap is by playing ritual activities daily and weekly to complete the weekly challenges that award Powerful, Prime, and Pinnacle Engrams.

How to Reach the Hard Cap Fast in Destiny 2

The Hard Cap is last and all it is is a 10 point jump from the Power Cap to the Hard Cap. While this doesn’t sound too extreme, it is difficult because the only way to get your Power Level up after reaching the Power Cap is by opening Pinnacle Engrams.

Therefore, the fastest way to level up to the Hard Cap is by focusing on completing the ritual activities that award Pinnacle Engrams. Once acquired, equip the gear or use an Upgrade Module to put the Power Level onto something else.

- This article was updated on April 7th, 2023

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