Destiny 2: How to Disable Crossplay

Some players may want to opt-out of crossplay. Here's how.

by Diego Perez

Crossplay is finally here in Destiny 2 alongside Season of the Lost, but some players may want to disable cross-platform multiplayer. Thankfully, there is a way for players to opt-out of crossplay. When you disable crossplay, you will only be able to match with players on your own system who also have crossplay turned off. Because of this, matchmaking times could take longer with cross-platform play turned off. Here’s how to disable crossplay in Destiny 2.

How to Disable Crossplay in Destiny 2

Only PlayStation and Xbox players have the ability to turn off crossplay. To disable crossplay on PlayStation, all you have to do is go to Destiny’s in-game settings menu. To turn off crossplay on Xbox, you have to go to the Xbox system settings. To disable crossplay on Xbox, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Xbox dashboard
  • Navigate to Settings > General
  • Online Safety & Family
  • Privacy & Online Safety
  • Xbox Privacy
  • View Details and Customize
  • Communication and Multiplayer
  • Set “You can join cross-network play” to “Block”


With cross-network play blocked, you will only be matched with other players on Xbox Live when playing Destiny. If you want to re-enable crossplay on Xbox, just follow the same steps but set “You can join cross-network play” to “Allow” instead of “Block.”

How Does Crossplay Matchmaking Work?

Not every game mode will match console and PC players together. Non-competitive modes like Strikes and social spaces will matchmake across all available platforms. Competitive modes work a bit differently, however.


Competitive modes like Gambit and Crucible will be divided into two matchmaking pools. One matchmaking pool will include only console players (PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia) and the other will include only PC players. A console player still can join a PC player’s group, but that fireteam will be matched against the PC pool.

Trials of Osiris requires players to have crossplay enabled in order to participate. If you have cross-platform play turned off, you will not be able to play Trials of Osiris. The same matchmaking rules still apply though, so you won’t get PC players in your match unless you invite a PC player to a group. Console and PC players will still remain separated in Trials, but you have to have crossplay enabled to play.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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