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Destiny 2 – How to Focus Umbral Engrams

Umbral Engrams make their return with awesome new rewards.

by Victor Vellas


With the release of the new Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2, after a short mission, we find ourselves right away in HELM, where our ‘main’ mini base will be located throughout the Season. Shortly after, we will receive our first Umbral Engram, which can be identified by its dark-ish purple glow, instead of the regular purple ones we were finding up until now.

These returning Umbral Engrams can be Focused in order to give us their awesome goodies they have inside, but they do need a little bit of effort to do so. You have the option to return them normally, but if you Focus one you can target specific rewards you’d may want, so it is highly suggested.

How to Focus an Umbral Engram.

Having yourself an Umbral Engram, there is one major step you need to fulfil first. Go back to HELM. Being there, you can see around the place a big machine-like structure, called ‘Prismatic Recaster‘. Interact with it and you will see plenty of info right away, with the Umbral Focusing menu and tab popping up.

From there, you can see any of your Engrams and the requirements you need in order to focus them. In the form of Bounty-like missions, they vary from killing ‘X’ enemies, to use specific weapons or even open an ‘X’ amount of Tribute Chests. Those Chests can be unlocked with the Hammer of Proving, so make sure to read our guide about it right here. In any case, everything you need to know in regards to how to focus a specific Umbral Engram, is there. This means you will be back here a lot of times.

The Prismatic Recaster is an upgradable object, which you will be upgrading as time goes by, unlocking in return different ways of Focusing Engrams, as well as other benefits too. Legendary Shards and Hammer Charges will be needed as materials to produce Focused Umbral Engrams, so make sure to farm these as well.

To sum up, here is a basic structure as to how to focus an Engram:

  • Get a bunch of Umbral Engrams.
  • Visit HELM to find the Prismatic Recaster and check their Focus conditions and Bounties.
  • Go and do everything needed.
  • Have the materials needed for focusing, ready.
  • Go back to HELM. and use the Recaster to Focus the Engrams.
  • Keep upgrading the Recaster for unlocking multiple ways to Focus Engrams.

Destiny 2 is bringing a lot of activities with this new Season, and farming Umbral Engrams will be a major part of it. You can gather them from simply anywhere in the game, including random drops from enemies without doing any actual activity, so as long as you play the game, Engrams will be coming to you on a steady basis. Happy farming!

Season of the Chosen is currently live in Destiny 2.


- This article was updated on:February 10th, 2021

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