Destiny 2: How to Make Neomuna Public Events Heroic

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by Noah Nelson
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

There are two Public Events that happen on Neomuna in Destiny 2. One of them is Cabal centered and one of them is Vex centered. While you can always join and complete a regular Public Event, there is a way to make them Heroic in Destiny 2. Here’s how.

How to Make All Neomuna Public Events Heroic in Destiny 2

As mentioned previously, there are two Public events that can occur on Neomuna. They usually occur in Liming Harbor or Ahimsa Park since Zephyr Concourse always has the Terminal Overload activity.

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How to Make the Neomuna Cabal Public Event Heroic in Destiny 2

To make the Cabal Public Event Heroic, all you need to do is defeat the Shadow Legion miniboss that appears.

You need to stand around the Cabal drill as Shadow Legion try to take you out to make progress, but if you want to make the event Heroic, focus your fire on the Shadow Legion Cabal miniboss when he appears. Also, watch out for the red lasers from the sky as those will likely kill you.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Turning the Neomuna Cabal Public Event into a Heroic Public Event can be difficult solo, so recruit some nearby Guardians. If you all stay in the middle and use your abilities and best Strand builds to defend it and defeat the miniboss, the event will turn Heroic.

How to Make the Neomuna Vex Public Event Heroic in Destiny 2

The Vex Public Event on Neomuna is just like the Public Event on Europa. All you need to do is keep Vex away from the central data column. To make the event Heroic, you need to reach 100 on the Vex circles in the area.

The Vex circles are found on the ground nearby. The data column will have flowing data pointing to where you can find them. If you get all Vex circles to 100 before the time is up or ten Vex have entered the main data column, the event will turn Heroic.

Again, turning the Vex Public Event into a Heroic event is easier done with multiple Guardians. If you are alone, be sure to use a long-range weapon to keep the Vex away from the main data column while you reach 100 at the Vex circle.

And that is how you turn the two Public Events on Neomuna into Heroic events. Now that that’s done, you definitely have what it takes to complete the Legendary Lightfall campaign.

- This article was updated on March 1st, 2023