Destiny 2: How to Make Throne World Public Events Heroic

Time to be the hero you really are.

by J.T. Isenhour


As you progress through Destiny 2 Witch Queen, you will want to run some public events. You may want to bump them up to heroic events so you can have a chance at better loot. The problem with getting a heroic event to happen is that you need to meet some unspecified conditions. Heroic events won’t just spawn on the world map for Destiny 2 and you won’t get any tooltips that tell you how to turn any event into a heroic one. Let’s go over how you can turn all of the public events in Destiny 2’s Witch Queen Throne World into a Heroic Event.

How to Make Throne World Public Events Heroic in Destiny 2

Ferry The Resonant Splinter

To make this event heroic, you will need to hit the splinter with orbs that are dropped by enemies you kill during the event. The orbs will be called Resonant charges and need to be thrown at the splinter as soon as they spawn. You will also want to be quick with the orbs as you need to throw a decent amount at the splinter to get the event to trigger. If you don’t have a  lot of people doing the event, you also might want to stop pushing the splitter so you can gather orbs to throw.


Stop The Ether Ritual

In order to make this event become heroic, all you need to do is shoot the ether orbs that spawn before they reach their destination. It seems quite simple because it is the name of the event, but the actual objective of the event is to kill three waves of scorn that spawn. This is why the event normally isn’t heroic, you will have people that just do the listed objective and don’t bother with the ether. Using a full auto weapon is recommended to make shooting the ether easier. You can use the new exotic SMG to help shoot the ether orbs.


Witches’ Ritual

After you kill the witches, you will need to keep standing on the plates to make this event heroic. As the portals open, you should see two crystals appear above a portal on either side. You will need to be standing on a plate and quickly shoot the crystals. If you manage to succeed this will make the event become a heroic event and a boss ogre will spawn. If you have any more trouble with Destiny 2 make sure to check out our other guides.

Destiny 2 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

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