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Destiny 2 – How to Start Xenophage Exotic Quest

Head back to the moon to begin.

by William Schwartz


The Xenophage is one of the newest exotic weapons to hit Destiny 2 with a new exotic quest for this powerful machine gun.  Like other exotic quests you need to visit the right person to get started.  This is no different for the Xenophage and it’s got plenty of steps to accomplish along the way.  In this guide we’ll explain exactly what you need to do to start the quest for Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun.

How to Start the Xenophage Quest – The Journey

To start the Xenophage Quest you’ll need to actually head to the Red Keep and light a series of torches.

Once you get into the keep you’ll want to veer to the left and head through the open door at the dead end.  As you progress into this area you’ll see a bright green light.  On the other side of this light you will enter into a cavernous area.  As soon as you do look up to the right at take this shortcut to take you to overlook of the Black Pyramid that you’ve probably visited before at the end of the Shadowkeep story content.

When you get to this area you actually have to light the torches in this room and this will allow you to access a new chest with the Quest Item that will allow you to start this quest.

After you’ve done this you’ll need to move on the next steps in the Xenophage Quest which are lighting torches and the completing Lost Sector puzzles on the moon.

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