Destiny 2 IKELOS HC v1.0.3 God Roll: Best Perks for PVP and PVE

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by Noah Nelson

The IKELOS weapons from the previous seasons are back in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph which means we now have a chance to God Roll IKELOS HC v1.0.3. All of the IKELOS weapons, including IKELOS SG v1.0.3, have patterns available to unlock which means crafting the perfect IKELOS HC v1.0.3 God Roll is possible in Destiny 2.

IKELOS HC v1.0.3 is an energy Void Hand Cannon with a Precision Frame. That means it has a predictably vertical recoil pattern and fires quickly with high accuracy. Much like its IKELOS siblings, IKELOS HC v1.0.3 only has Rasputin’s Arsenal as a basic origin trait which partially reloads the weapon on breaking a target’s shield.

Here are the basic stats for IKELOS HC v1.0.3 in Destiny 2:

  • Impact: 78
  • Range: 32
  • Stability: 55
  • Handling: 33
  • Reload Speed: 33
  • Magazine: 12

IKELOS HC v1.0.3 PvE God Roll in Destiny 2

IKELOS GC v1.0.3 hits very hard, but the range, handling, and reload speed need some love. For the barrel, Corkscrew Rifling will slightly boost range, stability, and handling. Flared Magwell is a great pick since it will greatly increase the reload speed and stability. However, Seraph Rounds is also a great magazine pick as it will slightly increase range and stability but add penetrating, ricocheting, flinch-inducing bullets.

Rapid Hit is the needed perk that will increase stability and reload speed on rapid precision hits. Frenzy is a great option if you want even more boosts to reload speed, handling, and damage as this perk will grant that if you are in combat for a while.

Golden Tricon is also another good option in the second perk column because final blows with this weapon grant bonus damage. Also, Void grenade and powered melee kills boost damage by 50% for 10 seconds. This Hand Cannon PvE God Roll could even challenge the Rose God Roll.

IKELOS HC v1.0.3 PvP God Roll in Destiny 2

The best attachments for the IKELOS HC v1.0.3 PvP God Roll are Smallbore and Seraph Rounds. Though the reload speed and handling will remain mediocre, range and stability are very important in PvP and the penetrating, ricocheting, flinch-inducing bullets from Seraph Rounds is a must.

Like the IKELOS HC v1.0.3 PvE God Roll, Rapid Hit is the best perk in the first column because precision hits are easier with Hand Cannons and you’ll need its added boost to stability and reload speed. Pick Golden Tricon as the second perk as it will grant bonus damage on weapon kills and boost damage even higher on Void grenade and charged melee kills.

And that is the IKELOS HC v1.0.3 God Roll for PvP and PvE. Now that you have such a cool-looking weapon, you’ll want to get the seasonal armor Ornaments to match.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on December 10th, 2022

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