Destiny 2 Necrotic Grip Build Guide: How to Get and Use Necrotic Grip

The unspoken poison build.

by Noah Nelson

If you are disappointed that Strand isn’t a poison build, then you need to get Necrotic Grip in Destiny 2. If you want to make the perfect poison build, then Necrotic Grip is the keystone Exotic you need. Here is how to get Necrotic Grip in Destiny 2 and what the best build is.

How to Get Necrotic Grip Exotic Gauntlet in Destiny 2

Necrotic Grip’s perk is called Grasp of the Devourer. It spreads poison via charged or uncharged Melee hits. This poison increases damage by 9% for every tick and it applies 19 ticks.

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To get Necrotic Grips, you need to farm a Lost Sector on Solo Legend or Master. Check TodayInDestiny to see what the Lost Sector is for the day and what Exotics are on offer.

Best Necrotic Grip Build in Destiny 2

Once you have Necrotic Grip, you’ll likely want to know what the best build is for it. Though there are a lot of great options, you should center the Necrotic Grip build around your Melee ability. Here is the best Necrotic Grip build:

  • Subclass – Strand
  • Melee – Arcane Needle
  • Exotic Weapon – Osteo Striga

To make the best Necrotic Grip build, all you need to focus on are the subclass, the Melee, and the Exotic Weapon. In this case, the best Necrotic Grip build centers around Strand, the Arcane Needle, and Osteo Striga.

Necrotic Grip starts with Strand and Arcane Needle because this Melee has three charges. It is a powerful Melee made more powerful with Necrotic Grips and the green of Strand adds to the poison fantasy.

Osteo Striga is the required Exotic Weapon to pair with Necrotic Grip because it also has poison capabilities and you’ll get +30 to Airborne Effectiveness thanks to Necrotic Grip’s passive buff to Weapons of Sorrow. With Osteo Striga and Necrotic Grip, your poison build will be unstoppable.

Ultimately, the Aspects, Grenade, and Class Ability don’t matter for this Necrotic Grip build. Use whatever you like, but we recommend pairing this Necrotic Grip build with the Threadling build.

The Strand Fragments you choose can help bolster this build, like Thread of Continuity which gives you +10 Strength as well as prolonged Suspend, Sever, and Unravel, but again, those decisions are up to you.

- This article was updated on March 3rd, 2023