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Destiny 2 – Season of the Worthy: Armor Guide

There are more buffs than nerfs in Season 10's armor update.

by Jess Menga


The Season of the Worthy is here in Destiny 2 and the dev team at Bungie has made some significant alterations with the 2.8.0 patch that came with it. This article takes a look at Season 10’s armor balancing.

Armor Energy

  • Armor energy types can now be changed in the piece of armor’s inspection screen
    • It costs 1 Upgrade Module per 1 energy value changed
    • Armor can also be changed to another energy type at an equal energy value equal with 1 Upgrade Module + the combined cost of upgrading from energy value 1 to its current energy value

Armor Mods

  • A piece of armor’s seasonal mod socket can now equip mods from the season of its release, as well as from a single season directly before or after the release season
  • The Hands-On mod now provides energy on projectile melee kills
  • Enhanced armor mods have been added to cover all weapon types for each armor mod that has an enhanced version

Armor Stats

  • Prime Engrams will more dependably drop armor with greater variance in distributions and higher stat rolls
  • Exotic armor will more dependably drop with higher stat rolls
  • Legendary armor will have a greater chance of coming with higher stat rolls

World Drops

  • The number of armor sets available from world drops will be increased from 3 to 11 and will include Faction Rally armor
  • Various armor sets that were either difficult to obtain or previously inaccessible will be available as world drops
  • World drops will most commonly be found in Legendary Engrams

Exotic Armor Balancing

Key: “-” = nerf, “+” = buff, “+/-” = neutral

Hunter Nerfs & Buffs

  • + Assassin’s Cowl (Helmet)
    • + Powered melee and finishers will trigger the invisibility and healing effects
    • + Duration of invisibility will increase, with scale of duration dependent on the tier of the defeated enemy
    • – Kills made using Arc Staff will no longer activate invisibility
  • – FR0ST-EE5 (Leg Armor)
    • – Ability regeneration will no longer stack to increase other class ability perks that generate energy
  • + Khepri’s Sting (Gauntlets)
    • + Smoke bombs will deal 150% damage
  • – Orpheus Rig (Leg Armor)
    • – A single use of Shadowshot will only regain up to 50% of the player’s Super
  • + Young Ahamkara’s Spine (Gauntlets)
    • + The explosion radius for Tripmines will increase by 14%

Warlock Nerfs & Buffs

  • + Apotheosis Veil (Helmet)
    • + Will drop with a guaranteed minimum Intellect increase of 16 points
  • – Contraverse Hold (Gauntlets)
    • – Damage resistance will be decreased from 40% to 20%
  • + Ophidian Aspects (Gauntlets)
    • + The lunge of all Warlock melee attacks will increase, even during melee ability cooldown
  • + Sanguine Alchemy (Chest Armor)
    • + Will be redesigned with Blood Magic, a perk that allows the player to extend the duration of a Rift they are standing in by getting weapon kills, which will pause the countdown timer
  • + Verity’s Brow (Helmet)
    • + Grenade damage will increase by 10% per stack
    • + The grenade recharge rate of a player’s allies will increase when the player throws a grenade
    • + The number of allies who benefit from this buff will be shown in a text notification to the player

Titan Nerfs & Buffs

  • + Ashen Wake (Gauntlets)
    • + Fusion Grenade kills will refund grenade energy, with the scale of the amount of this refunded energy dependent on the tier of the defeated enemy
  • – Antaeus Wards (Leg Armor)
    • – Chip damage through a slide-generated shield will no longer occur
  • + Doom Fang Pauldrons (Gauntlets)
    • + A bug that sometimes causes the armor to grant Super energy from melee kills while the Super is in use will be fixed
  • + Dunemarchers (Leg Armor)
    • + Static charge radius will increase from 12 to 20 meters
  • + Mk.44 Stand Asides (Leg Armor)
    • + The time between the start of a sprint and overshield activation will be decreased from 1.25 to 0.5 seconds
  • – One-Eyed Mask (Helmet)
    • – The target marker will be replaced with a target highlighter to prevent players from detecting targets through walls
    • – There will no longer be a damage bonus when a marked target is defeated
    • +/- The previous overshield that would occur upon the defeat of a marked target will be restored, but will last 6 seconds instead of the previous 8
  • + Severance Enclosure (Chest Armor)
    • + Powered melee and finishers will trigger the explosion
    • + The damage and radius of the explosion will increase in proportion to the tier of the defeated enemy
  • + Stronghold (Gauntlets)
    • + Maximizes sword defense stats, resulting in a high Defense guard that does not decay over time or lose guard energy upon taking blows
    • +/- Retains its existing healing functionality with Clenched Fist and +10 slotted in either Resilience or Recovery

This list is part of a series on the Destiny 2 patch for the Season of the Worthy update. Check out the rest of the 2.8.0 patch notes in this master guide.

- This article was updated on:March 11th, 2020

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