Destiny 2 Shadowkeep – Jade Rabbit Locations

Collect them all for a special reward?

by AOTF Staff

The Jade Rabbits are a collectible in Destiny 2 that appears to function similarly to the cats from previous Destiny 2 content.  You’ll need to find the Jade Rabbits which are hidden throughout the Moon and then give them an offering of a small rice cake.  In return they’ll give you a gift of materials and glimmer.  As you collect the Jade Rabbits you will find them in the Jade Rabbit Room at the Sanctuary landing zone.  Finding all of them should give you a special reward if this is anything like previous Destiny 2 content.

If you’re looking to track down all of the Jade Rabbit locations in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep you will find all of the locations below:

Destiny 2 Jade Rabbit Locations Video Guide

Jade Rabbit #1 – Sanctuary Landing Zone

This first Jade Rabbit is located right under the Sanctuary landing zone.  Simply look for the ramp to your right at the spawn, hop down and inside the building will be a room with a Jade Rabbit poster and a Jade Rabbit on the floor.

Jade Rabbit #2 – Archer’s Line Domed Building

The Jade Rabbit in Archer’s Line is located in the broken building with the dome on the top.  As you progress from the Sanctuary Landing Zone you will see the domed building when you see the break in the transport line.  Cross over and go towards the domed building.  The Jade Rabbit is located in a room off from the main circular room.

Jade Rabbit #3 – K1 Logistics Lost Sector – Shielded Room After Boss

In the K1 Logistics Lost Sector you will need to battle to the final boss chest and defeat the boss to get this Jade Rabbit as it is behind a shielded door.  Once you’ve beat the Servitor boss in this area go through the shielded door and you find the Jade Rabbit behind some boxes.

Jade Rabbit #4- Anchor of Light (Yellow Radio Tower)

This Jade Rabbit is located at the top of a large structure in Anchor of Light.  Look for the tall building draped in purple tarps and the Jade Rabbit is located at the top of the structure.

Jade Rabbit #5 – Hellmouth (On a Chair on the Ledge)

Peering off into the Hellmouth you’ll find a small area on the bottom side of the circle that has a platform with a ramp leading out of it.  There’s also a large chasm running from the Hellmouth.  Along the wall of that chasm is a ledge where the Jade Rabbit is.

Jade Rabbit #6 – Sorrow’s Harbor

The Jade Rabbit in Sorrow’s Harbor is pretty much right out in the open of this area.  Head towards the middle of the area and you’ll find the Jade Rabbit tucked between two hive pillars.

Jade Rabbit #7 – Chamber of Night

The Chamber of Night Jade Rabbit is on top of one of the rocks in this area which is guarded by Wizards and Acolytes.

Jade Rabbit #8 – Circle of Bones

In the Circle of Bones deep under the Hellmouth area you’ll find this Jade Rabbit tucked under one of the walkways near the entrance.

Jade Rabbit #9 – Shrine of Oryx

The Shrine of Oryx is a little tricky to get to, but you can do so by heading through the Hall of Wisdom.  Once inside, the Jade Rabbit is located on a ledge quite close to the entrance.

Jade Rabbit #7 – K1 Revelation Lost Sector

The Jade Rabbit in the Revelation Lost Sector actually requires that you do a couple of things.  You’ll need to do the Lunar Spelunker bounty after you’ve completed the campaign.  This will give you a fragment that you can use to open a door to get the Jade Rabbit.  Inside you will also get a quest step that will lead you on your way to the Deathbringer Exotic.