Destiny 2 Terminal Overload Rotation, Schedule, and Loot Table

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by Christian Bognar
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Terminal Overload is the newer activity in Neomuna that was included in the most recent Lightfall Expansion for Destiny 2. Completing this challenging activity will grant players with powerful rewards that change daily. Are you wondering whether taking on Terminal Overload is worth it or not? This comprehensive guide will provide the rotation schedule, loot table, and all rewards for today and beyond to answer that question quickly.

Terminal Overload Rotation, Loot Table, and Schedule

First, it is essential to know that the location of the Terminal Overload activity changes daily. Terminal Overload will rotate between the three main areas of Neomuna. Depending on the location of the activity, the corresponding weapon will appear as a reward. These locations and rewards are as follows:

  • Zephyr Concourse – Basso Ostinato
  • Liming Harbour – Synchronic Roulette
  • Ahimsa Park – Circular Logic

Basso Ostinato is a legendary shotgun. Synchronic Roulette is a legendary Submachine gun, and Circular logic is a legendary machine gun. Each is extremely powerful against the game’s enemies and worth the effort required to obtain.

Terminal Overload Rotation Schedule and Loot

Below is the official schedule for Terminal Overload. Remember, use the weapons above to know which weapon you will be rewarded with, depending on the location.

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Note: Daily resets occur at 12 PM CT.


03/20/2023Liming Harbor
03/21/2023Ahimsa Park
03/22/2023Zephyr Concourse
03/23/2023Liming Harbor
03/24/2023Ahimsa Park
03/25/2023Zephyr Concourse
03/26/2023Liming Harbor
03/27/2023Ahimsa Park
03/28/2023Zephyr Concourse
03/29/2023Liming Harbor
03/30/2023Ahimsa Park
03/31/2023Zephyr Concourse


04/01/2023Liming Harbor
04/02/2023Ahimsa Park
04/03/2023Zephyr Concourse
04/04/2023Liming Harbor
04/05/2023Ahimsa Park
04/06/2023Zephyr Concourse
04/07/2023Liming Harbor
04/08/2023Ahimsa Park
04/09/2023Zephyr Concourse
04/10/2023Liming Harbor
04/11/2023Ahimsa Park
04/12/2023Zephyr Concourse
04/13/2023Liming Harbor
04/14/2023Ahimsa Park
04/15/2023Zephyr Concourse
04/16/2023Liming Harbor
04/17/2023Ahimsa Park
04/18/2023Zephyr Concourse
04/19/2023Liming Harbor
04/20/2023Ahimsa Park
04/21/2023Zephyr Concourse
04/22/2023Liming Harbor
04/23/2023Ahimsa Park
04/24/2023Zephyr Concourse
04/25/2023Liming Harbor
04/26/2023Ahimsa Park
04/27/2023Zephyr Concourse
04/28/2023Liming Harbor
04/29/2023Ahimsa Park
04/30/2023Zephyr Concourse


05/01/2023Liming Harbor
05/02/2023Ahimsa Park
05/03/2023Zephyr Concourse
05/04/2023Liming Harbor
05/05/2023Ahimsa Park
05/06/2023Zephyr Concourse
05/07/2023Liming Harbor
05/08/2023Ahimsa Park
05/09/2023Zephyr Concourse
05/10/2023Liming Harbor
05/11/2023Ahimsa Park
05/12/2023Zephyr Concourse
05/13/2023Liming Harbor
05/14/2023Ahimsa Park
05/15/2023Zephyr Concourse
05/16/2023Liming Harbor
05/17/2023Ahimsa Park
05/18/2023Zephyr Concourse
05/19/2023Liming Harbor
05/20/2023Ahimsa Park
05/21/2023Zephyr Concourse
05/22/2023Liming Harbor
05/23/2023Ahimsa Park
05/24/2023Zephyr Concourse
05/25/2023Limng Harbor
05/26/2023Ahimsa Park
05/27/2023Zephyr Concourse
05/28/2023Liming Harbor
05/29/2023Ahimsa PArk
05/30/2023Zephyr Concourse
05/31/2023Liming Harbor

Keep this schedule at your disposal, so you always know what to expect from the Terminal Overload activity. You can do that by hitting favorite on your browser or bookmarking this page.

One location on the schedule—Zephyr Concourse—has a bunch of Apogee Repeaterts to find scattered around. It won’t be easy, so check out our thorough guide on where you can find every single last of them. It will take some time, but the reward will be well worth it as each Apogee repeater grants strand meditations.

- This article was updated on March 20th, 2023

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