How to Find All Zephyr Concourse Apogee Repeaters in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Time to find the Apogee repeaters in Destiny 2.

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Destiny 2 has plenty of resources to acquire so it is no surprise that many will be looking for these at any given time. In particular, some people may be specifically looking for Apogee Repeaters to get extra all-precious Strand Meditations. This article will take you through everything you need to know about how to find all Zephyr Concourse Apogee Repeaters in Destiny 2.

Every Zephyr Concourse Apogee Repeater Location in Destiny 2

Apogee Repeater #1

  • Apogee-Repeater-1
  • Apogee-Repeater-1-map

In order to reach this Repeater, climb up the side of the pink building. Stick close to the ledges, as you can climb onto them — this includes balcony areas. Work your way up to the large metal pillar. When there, jump onto the wing-shape extrusions at the side. Go around the side and you will find the Apogee Repeater.

Apogee Repeater #2

  • Apogee-Repeater-2
  • Apogee-Repater-2-map

As for the next Repeater, you can find this in the turbine-spinning circular area. This building is in the center of the Zephyr Concourse so it is hard to miss. You will need to climb up the side of a wall inside to then jump onto a roof-like area. From there you can pick up the repeater.

Apogee Repeater #3

  • Apogee-Repeater-3
  • Apogee-Repeater-3-map

Within the Zephyr Concourse, you will be able to observe a yellow corner building that sits close to a road over a gap. Make your way here and jump across to the balcony. From here jump onto the vent/structure that sits along the left side of the building’s wall. Jump to the balcony inside after you have made the first jump. Then jump out onto the next structure where the Apogee Repeater floats.

Apogee Repeater #4

  • Apogee-Repeater-4
  • Apogee-Repeater-4-map

This particular repeater can be found on top of the canopy glass in the Concourse. Jump up to the top of the canopy and you will notice the glowing aura of the Apogee Repeater. Simply go and pick it up from there.

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Apogee Repeater #5

  • Apogee-Repeater-5
  • Apogee-Repeater-5-map

Near one of the red buildings closest to the edge of the world, you will again notice the glowing aura of the repeater. There will be spinning turbines on the vent panel. Jump your way up the side of the red building instead until you reach the resource. This can be quite tricky to reach, so we recommend sticking to the back side of the metallic structure while climbing.

Apogee Repeater #6

  • Apogee-Repeater-6
  • Apogee-Repeater-6-map

Another Repeater close to glass platforms is one of the Repeaters underneath the map slightly. There are some platforms that lead down that you can jump on. A great indicator if you are in the right area is that there will be a large pink neon sign nearby for you to get your bearings with.

Apogee Repeater #7

  • Apogee-Repeater-7
  • Apogee-Repeater-7-map

Another Repeater underneath the map is directly beneath one of the bridges. You will be able to find the specific bridge by looking at the image on the map above. You can get to the ledge around the pillar by jumping toward it at an angle. In order to get back up again, there are glass platforms next to a building on the right.

Apogee Repeater #8

  • Apogee-Repeater-8
  • Apogee-Repeater-8-map

The final Apogee Repeater in the area is located at one of the towering side structures. It is on a platform that can be easily reached by using Strand and following the grappling hooks. This is the final Apogee Repeater you will have to acquire in the Zephyr Concourse.

Now that you know where to acquire all of the repeaters in this area you can move on to other locations. No resource in Destiny 2 will be getting away from you during your playthrough.

- This article was updated on March 16th, 2023