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Destiny 2 – The Solstice Begins Quest Guide

Speak to Eva Levante to begin the Solstice of Heroes event.

by Diego Perez


The Solstice of Heroes has returned in Destiny 2, letting players earn and upgrade their Solstice of Heroes armor set by completing various challenges. Before starting the event and heading off to the European Aerial Zone, you’ll need to complete a quest called The Solstice Begins. This quest will reward you with the Renewed Solstice of Heroes set, which you can eventually upgrade to the Majestic set and then Magnificent set, which can equip various armor glows. This quest is not very difficult, and all you have to do is complete one run in the European Aerial Zone.

The Solstice Begins


To start The Solstice Begins, head to the Tower and speak to Eva Levante. She’s standing next to the giant statue by the main landing zone. She’ll give you a helmet. You’ll need to have this helmet (and any other Solstice of Heroes gear you get) equipped in order to progress the quest. You cannot work on Solstice of Heroes quests or level up Solstice armor wearing anything other than Solstice armor. Equip the mask and head to the European Aerial Zone. The entrance to the European Aerial Zone is to the right of Eva Levante next to the Statue of Heroes. You can also open your map and select the blue quest icon above the main landing zone to go to the European Aerial Zone.

Trial in the Clouds


Once in the European Aerial Zone, it’s time to defeat bosses. The first phase of an EAZ run involves taking down as many minibosses as you can. They’re spread out all over the map, and it’s best for you and your fireteam to split up to cover more ground. After taking down a few minibosses, the final boss will spawn. The final boss fight is just a straightforward boss encounter.

After killing the boss, a chest with your reward will spawn in the center of the map. After collecting your reward from this chest, however, six more will appear in hidden locations throughout the map. You and your fireteam have a limited amount of time to discover and open as many chests as you can before being sent back to orbit. The whole team gets the rewards from any opened chests, so split up and cover as much ground as possible before time runs out.

But Wait, There’s More!

Return to the Tower and speak to Eva Levante. She will give you a full set of Drained armor and a new quest step.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Take the set of Drained armor and interact with the nearby Statue of Heroes. The Drained armor in your inventory will become Renewed armor, which is the first form of the Solstice of Heroes armor. This is the armor set that you will upgrade over the next few weeks by completing challenges and participating in various activities all across the solar system.


Reforged in the Light

With your full set of Renewed armor, it’s time to start upgrading. Speak to Eva Levante to complete The Solstice Begins quest. With this introductory quest out of the way, Eva Levante will give you a new quest called Solstice of Heroes 2020, which is the main quest for this event. This quest involves upgrading your Renewed armor set to a Majestic armor set, and then upgrading that Majestic armor set to a Magnificent armor set that can earn armor glows. We have that quest covered in our Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2020 armor upgrade guide, so check that out if you want a rundown of all the steps involved for each class. Finishing The Solstice Begins quest also lets you unlock a Solstice of Heroes music track through Bungie Rewards, so be sure to claim that before the event ends on September 8.

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