Destiny Child Tier List | Best Destiny Child Characters

A quick look at all Destiny Child characters.

by Christian Bognar

Destiny Child is a popular mobile game that has been around for quite some time, constantly updated with new content. This added-on content includes new characters, soul cards, and game fixes. Considering the game is still thriving, we decided to look at all the available characters, also known as Childs, in Destiny Child and rank them on a tier list. This definitive ranking should make it easier for newcomers to choose a character instead of having to narrow down all options.

Ranking All Destiny Child Characters

This list will include the main variations of each Child, and we weigh them on overall performance in all available game modes. Keep reading for a brief description of each tier and why we believe those corresponding characters belong there.

SSaturn, Salome, Dana, Mona, Chang’e, Pomona, Neptune, Eve, Bastet.
AAstraea, Thanatos, Siren, Syrinx, Thisbe, Bathory, Bes, Deino.
BMaat, Elizabeth, Mafdet, Jackeongbi, Nicole, Freyja, Ayane, Athena, Hildr, Khepri, Leda, Pantheon, Demeter, Abaddon, Marie Rose, Raccoon, Rita, Tiamat, Tamamo, Krapmus, Elizabeth, Rusalka, Giltine.
CMiku, Durandal, Cain, Leo, Isolde, Wodan, Lisa, Aria, Katherine, Olga, Myrina, Bari, Metis, Tyrving, Midas, Hades, Mars, Iphis, Eochaid, Annie, Luna, Medb, Brownie, Makoto, Failnaught, Anemone, Epona, Ziva, Eshu, Kubaba, Moa, Frej, Kasumi, Jupiter, Davi, Pallas, Banshee, Skiing Eshu, Calypso, Ailill, Serval, Cleopatra, Marie Rose, Diablo.
DKeino, Lan Fei, Doryeong, Daoine Sidhe, Thetis, Mammon, Santa Claus, Honoka, Ganesha, Sytry, Nirrti, Babel, Hestia, Pan, Red Cross, Brigid.
FRin, Ashtoreth, Billy, Luin, Neamhain, Verdelet, Morgan, Catherine, Horus, Limos, Naias, Nine, Werewolf, Venus.

S Tier

As you probably guessed, these are the best characters in the game. They are the most substantial and versatile, helping out in all situations the game throws at you, including every mode. Loading your party with all S-ranked Childs will have you defeat even the best player in PVP.

A Tier

A Tier Childs is just as powerful as those in the S rank category, but they fall short in one specific mode here and there, depending on the character. With that said, these Childs can take out higher-level players if you practice with them and know how to utilize them to their full potential.

B Tier

These aren’t the worst Childs to have at your party, but having an entire party of B’s won’t get you very far. They will definitely help you progress, but eventually, you will want to replace these Childs with higher-level options, so make sure you keep an eye out.

C Tier

The C tier Childs have problems with scaling. Low scaling potential prevents them from being strong enough to add value, so your best option is to avoid them instead of wasting time. They may be a good choice at the beginning of the game, but they are quickly discarded.

D Tier

Don’t be fooled by the rating of 5 stars some of these Childs possess; they are not worth it. If you find yourself stuck with D-tier characters and are working towards something better, study their movesets and try to perfect combos. They are possible to win with, so don’t worry too much.

F Tier

These are the characters you put in if you are looking for the challenge of a lifetime. They are a joke and won’t get you anywhere. You’ve been warned.

Are you looking for more tier lists? The good news is that we have a ton on our site, so make sure you stick with Attack of the Fanboy for all your ranking needs. We will continue adding more, but as of now, we have lists for games, including Overwatch 2, Fallout 4, For Honor, and Roblox, to name a few.

Destiny Child is available now on Android and iOS

- This article was updated on January 5th, 2023

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